Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 2004

Iraqi resistance leaders
The Anti-imperialist Camp in August 2004 in Assisi was one of the highest points of our movement. There where not only several hundred participants from all over Europe, but delegates and endorsers from the most diverse anti-imperialist forces across the world. The Iraqi resistance was electrifying the global movement which the Anti-imperialist Camp was trying to unify and rally behind the resistance.

One year before in August of 2003 the Anti-imperialist Camp had launched the famous campaign 10 euro for the Iraqi resistance. In spring 2004 three Italian leaders of the Camp had been arrested on the charge of support to terrorism. And one year latter in 2005 44 US congress members launched a petition to the Italian government to ban the Anti-imperialist Camp.

On the archive picture you see a plenary session on the Iraqi resistance (from left to right): Ahmed Karim, Democratic Patriotic Communist Current Iraq; Noori al-Moradi, Iraqi Communist Party (cadre); Sameera Regab, Bahraini journalist; Awni al-Kalemji, Iraqi Patriotic Alliance.

Here we gather some of the documents revolving around this historic event like, calls, resolutions, addresses etc.

A 32 County Sovereignty Movement

Report on the Anti-Imperialist Camp Assisi, Italy 2004
Thu, 11/11/2004
It was during the month of August that a delegation from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association fulfilled an invitation to the Anti-imperialist Camp 2004 at Assisi in Italy for 5 days. In attendance were delegations from all over the world; most notable were delegations from countries where there is conflict taking place today. These included support groups from Palestine, Turkey, The Basque Country, Mexico/Bolivia, Iraq, Venezuela, Kashmir and Ireland to name but a few.

The Irish delegates were invited to speak at 3 different Forums, but as with all support groups, were allowed to make contributions from the floor to the Forums panel, which we duly did when the occasion required it.

The Irish delegations first Forum was on the second day of the five day camp. The title of this Forum was Anti-Globalisation process and the debate about non-violence. Also on the panel were Italian editors and lawyers, the delegates from Colombia and Norway and a representative of the Anti-imperialist Camp.

Salutation to the Antiimperialist Camp of Assisi

by KKE(ml) Greece
Mon, 08/30/2004
On behalf of GPG (m-l)-Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) and the frontal antiwar-antiimperialist committees that have been established in various parts of Greece we sent warm, militant, and internationalist greetings to the organizational committee of Campo Antiimperialista 2004 as well as to all participants.

The yearly antiimperialist-internationalist meeting of Assisi is a major contribution to the stepping-up of relations between antiimperialist movements around the world, an opportunity for exchanging ideas, views, and experience, and advancing initiatives concerning the struggle and resistance to the imperialist war, oppression, and terrorism of imperialists. At the same time it is a forum for publicizing peoples´ struggle for freedom and independence and for strengthening the antiimperialist, militant line in the international, popular, and antiwar movement.

The Turkish Model in Terms of Imperialist Vision

Contribution of Özgür Der, Turkey, to Assisi 04
Fri, 08/13/2004
September 11 has crystallized the imperialist identity of capitalist world system. The same forces who had been involved in a savage plunder of all world in the name of bringing civiliation in the past, evaluated the September 11 as an oppurtunity and once again exhibited their real face, war and occupation. This time the reason which was used as a weapon was terror threat and they declared their mission as to bring democracy.

The occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq; supporting of colonial policies in Palestine, Kashmir and Chechenya; sending troops and opening new military bases in many crisis areas of the world from South America to Africa and Far East, all of these colonial activities expose a global besiegement.

Global Intifada against the Global Aggression!

Contribution of Özgür Der, Turkey, to Assisi 04
Fri, 08/13/2004
Today all the people of the earth face with a cruel aggressiveness. The task of the groups, movements and organizations which could form a barrier against to the order of imperialist expansion and exploitation is getting difficult. Without obeying any law or rule the US advances her aggression and despotism and wants to dominate the whole world.

The war on Iraq was only a part of this huge campaign. In Iraq imperialism acted as prosecutor, as judge and as executioner also and invaded this country by illegal, injustice and immoral war. By this way they showed that not only Iraq but they wanted to capture the conscience and will of the people of the world and they also wanted to crush the spirit and consciousness of resistance.

Voice of wretched not silenced, Arab-Islamic and Bolivarian resistance move close

Results of the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi, Italy, August 2-6, 2004
Thu, 08/12/2004
The very fact that the Anti-imperialist Camp could be held in Assisi, Italy, from August 2-6 amid a hysteric "anti-terrorist" witch hunt is a success in itself. While the Italian government together with its American big brother is bloodily trying to put down the heroic liberation struggle of the Iraqi people, it seeks to wipe out all the forces within Italy who dare to support the Iraqi resistance.

In this way they want to kill democracy twice: on one hand the elementary democratic right to national self-determination for which the Iraqi people is fighting and which is also enshrined in international law; and on the other hand the elementary right to free expression and political organisation within Italy itself which the Anti-imperialist Camp is claiming with its support to the Iraqi resistance – which had been gain in the popular struggle against fascism.

From Urruña against the capitalist European Union

Resolution of the Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 04
Thu, 08/12/2004
The forces gathered at the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi, August 2004, call upon the progressive and revolutionary parties, organisations, collectives, groups and movements to study the proposal elaborated by the conference of Urruña, Euskal Herria (Basque Country), in June 2004.

The proposal launched by the Basque political formation Batasuna pursues the objective to open up a process of bringing together the anti-capitalist left of Europe – situated left of the reformist social democrat and communist parties. Its aim is to build an ample current against capitalist Europe and its Constitution which should be based on the principle of self-determination of the peoples. Thus we want to lay the fundament for a theoretical and practical confluence requiring time for debate and political rapprochement.

For a movement of self-defence against repression

Resolution of the Anti-imperialist Camp 04 Assisi
Thu, 08/12/2004
The plenary meeting of the Anti-imperialist Camp 2004 considers it to be of fundamental importance to build a wide front of struggle able to contrast the growing repressive thrust which is being strongly nourished by the philosophy of "preventive war", and which has brought about the "US Patriot Act", the order of the US President of November 13, 2001, Guantanamo and the Black Lists of both the USA and the EU.

The meeting:

1. Confirms its commitment first of all to obtaining the liberation of the comrades Zeynep Kilic and Avni Er, still held in an Italian gaol as part of the so-called "Operation Thrace" launched on last April 1st, and of William Frediani, militant of the Anti-imperialist Camp who is currently held in the prison of Pisa as part of an inquiry into the "COR" movement.

Next Anti-imperialist Camp to be held in Venezuela as a Bolivarian one

Resolution of the Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 04
Thu, 08/12/2004
Latin America, like other peoples in the world such as that of Iraq, is resisting against the designs of North American imperialism and its faithful lackeys who put its orders into practice. It is no secret for the peoples of the world that its goal is totalitarian and imperial control in the political, economic, cultural and military spheres over the world, and this involves seizing strategic resources, especially oil.

Bolivarian Anti-imperialist Camp

Colonialism and Racism Underpinning of Zionism

Speech of Abna elBalad at Assisi 04
Thu, 08/12/2004
The idea of establishing a pure "Jewish state" by European settlers in Palestine, is by definition a colonialist project combining economical interests with racism and cultural imperialism.

Colonialism and Racism are the Underpinning Foundations of the Zionist-Settler Project in Palestine

Ibrahim Makkawi, Ph.D. (1)

Paper presented at the: Anti Imperialist Camp, Assisi, Italy (August 1 – 6, 2004)

What is Racism?

Towards the Intl Day of Action for the Iraqi Resistance

Resolution of the Free Iraq Committees gathered in Assisi
Thu, 08/12/2004
The Free Iraq Committees and the other organizations supporting the Iraqi Resistance, meeting in Assisi on August 4th, 2004:


1. Stress the importance of the success of the International Day of Action to support the struggle of the Iraqi people, scheduled for September 25th.

2. On that day, they engage to take every possible initiative in their various countries, using all available forces.