Der palästinensische Künstler Firas Shehadeh wirft einen dekolonisierenden Blick auf die "Refugees Welcome" - Bewegung

Freitag, 12. Februar 2016 - 19:30
Gußhausstraße 14/3, 1040 Wien Österreichisch-Arabisches Kulturzentrum (Okaz)
Vortrag in englischer Sprache Freitag 12.2.2016, Wien

"Refugees welcome“ - Is it an Orientalist and racist movement!?

On August 27, 2015, 71 Arab corpses found in a truck in Vienna, a huge wave of solidarity towards Arabs and “Syrian” refugees initiated in Austria. Many "citizens" found themselves demonstrating to open European borders for “Refugees” to save them under an official European movement called “Refugees welcome”. Who’s welcoming who and why!? The European subjectivity decide what to do, wether welcome or not with non-white, if they are refugees, immigrants, illegal immigrants, economical immigrants..etc.

Since the explosion of “Arab Spring” there was a huge movement in the west looking to the east in it’s western subjectivity that fell in orientalism and affected the Arab uprising at the same time, The western and white solidarity towards Arabs was again from an orientalist approach that was connected to the same political and imperialist goals in the Arab world.

After and during the collapse of the Arab spring, large scale of migration movement started from Tunis and Arab countries in north Africa towards Europe, followed by a refugee movement from Arab middle eastern countries. The fall of Arab post(neo)colonial entities as will as the large movement of Arabs towards Europe, then the explosion of the Migration movement that began with “Lampedusa incident’ 3 of October 2013, This put European subjectivity (White, Supremacist, Christian, Modern and Orientalist) in crises.

In this talk will discuss the question of Human rights/Liberal/Activism/Social work in the Arab and people of colour struggle, the relations between the imperial powers and the Arab World, Who called Refugees “Refugees” and why? terrorism, sexuality, technology, security, integration and Necropolitics.

Firas Shehadeh, a Palestinian artist, looks into this wave of solidarity towards the “Refugees” from a decolonial approach.