Is there hope for Syria?

On the meaning of the Geneva negotiations
Thursday, 16. January 2014 - 18:00
Aachen, Germany
Catholic Church Community St. Joseph and Corpus Christi Citizen Centre (Katholische Kirchengemeinde St.Josef und Fronleichnam Bürgerzentrum Schleswigstraße 15 52068 Aachen
Kurdish checkpoint near Ras al Ain where Arab-Kurd negotiations took place
Discussion, Jan 17, Aachen, Germany: Hassan al Hachimi, Zuhat Kobani, Samir Aita, Salah-Aldin Siedo, Huda Zein, docent university Cologne, Wilhelm Langthaler, Leo Gabriel


Hassan al Hachimi, Political Secretary of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

Zuhat Kobani, European Spokesman Kurdish PYD (Party of Democratic Union, member of the National Co-ordination Body for Democratic Change – NCB)

Samir Aita, Co-founder of the Syrian Democratic Forum

Salah-Aldin Siedo, author and Islamic scholar from Syria

Huda Zein, docent university Cologne, Democratic and Women’s activist from Idlib

Wilhelm Langthaler, co-founder Initiative for a political Solution in Syria

Leo Gabriel, social anthropologist and member of the international council of the World Social Forum


Erhard Crome, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Syria seems stuck in a never-ending civil war involving all regional and global players. Sectarianism is increasing while the original democratic demands of the popular revolt are more and more moving into the background.

The stalemate on the battlefield shows that there is no military solution to the conflict. Therefore many view the Geneva talks as last and only hope – but they are plagued by not getting off the ground.

Although the Kurds tried to keep themselves outside defending their rights they are more and more drawn into the vortex especially by the armed conflicts with the Jihadis.

Under which conditions negotiations eventually can take place and also yield results? Which role does the Kurdish question play? In which way we can contribute to support the democratic rights of the Syrian people and its Kurdish component? Is the threat of a western military intervention eventually averted?


Kurd Akad e.V.[registered association], Initiativ e.V., Netzwerk Kurdischer Akademiker Aachen [Network of Kurdish Academicians]

In co-operation with:

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation NRW, Andrej Hunko MP Die Linke, Eine Welt Forum Aachen,
Tamil Youth Organisation, YXK [General Federation of Students from Kurdistan Aachen], Initiative Peace in Syria, daily Junge Welt