May 2004

Call for the Anti-imperialist Camp, Assisi, Italy, August 2-7
Mankind is travelling in fear on a train towards the abyss. This abyss is the mercilessly waged global war. The train is steered by the United States of America, to be precise, by a group of adventurers dreaming of a dead and mute world with one single God, the dollar; with one single banner, that of stars and stripes; with one single language, that of American oppression.
Programme of the Anti-imperialist Camp 2004, August 2-6, Assisi, Italy, as of July 22
Dedicated to the comrades Avin Er a Zeynep Kilic who are unjustly detained since April 1 in Italy and all the anti-imperialist prisoners from Palestine to Guantanamo