January 2009

Closing Statement
To support Peoples' Anti-Imperialistic Resistance and the building of Alternatives to Globalization
From January 16 to 18 an international gathering of groundbreaking importance took place in Beirut, Lebanon. About 1,000 delegates representing diverse organizations from Lebanon, the Arab world, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia came together in the "Beirut International Forum for Resistance, Anti-imperialism, Peoples' Solidarity and Alternatives" to vibrantly exchange experiences and forge a common struggle.
The international situation after the rise of Barack Obama
Resolution approved by the International Executive Committee of the Anti-Imperialist Camp
The systemic crisis in which American capitalism has fallen will have serious and long-lasting consequences on the whole system of international relations. Because of this, President-elect Barack Obama will not be able to give less importance to foreign policy. In the final years of the 20th century, a few new states have risen to be incipient imperialistic or sub-imperialistic nations. However the United States remain the only omni-dimensional power, i.e., they are the first world power in the military, industrial, agricultural, cultural, technological and scientific field. They will want to keep their supremacy at all costs and will try to distribute and discharge the price of the crisis upon the rest of the world. For this reason we are entering a historical period of utmost instability, which could lead to a period of extended, long-lasting and multi-dimensional open warfare.