May 2010

Ain el Hilweh, Lebanon, summer 2010: Creative, constructive and political solidarity
In August 2009, an international youth brigade visited the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein El-Hilweh starting the joint project of Sumud and the Palestinian-Lebanese association Nashet.
Condemning the political arrests of human rights activists Ameer Makhoul, and Omar Said
A statement by Palestinian feminist and women organizations
A statement by Palestinian feminist and women organizations condemning the political arrests of human rights activists Ameer Makhoul, and Omar Said
Mundher Al-Adhami*
How are the results of the recent Iraqi elections be interpreted from the anti-occupation perspective? No short adequate answer is possible, since it has to note the upheavals and evolution in several broad and multifarious political fronts. But the general theme is the increasing flux, or rather the deepening political fragmentation and chaos. No point in pretending otherwise, even though the hope remains that we will not sink to another bout of sectarian atrocities like those of 2006/7.
Press release
Haifa – At a time when prospects for a settlement that concedes basic Palestinian rights are blocked, interest in the one democratic state solution is witnessing an unprecedented growth. Wide sectors of Palestinians, in historic Palestine and exile, have adopted it, while international support for it is increasing daily. In this context, a committed group of activists is vigorously putting the final touches on the Second Haifa Conference for the Return of the Palestinian Refugees and for the Secular Democratic State in Historic Palestine.
8 years- It’s been 8 years now since Ahmed Saadat, is jailed by Israel- and in Israel.
Charlotte Malterre
Even though the Palestinian Supreme Court declared his imprisonment unconstitutional, and Amnesty International protested against his unfair trial, he has been sentenced to 30 years of jail. He is on the Hamas request list of prisoners to be exchanged against Gilad Shalit.
Haifa 2 Conference
We, the undersigned, support the call of the preparatory committee of the 2nd Haifa conference for the return of the Palestinian refugees and for the establishment of a democratic secular state in historic Palestine.[see link]
by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Ahmad Sa'adatComrade Ahmad Sa'adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, denounced any negotiations with the occupation, saying that "the solution to the critical historical conflict in the Middle East will only be the establishment of one state on the entire Palestinian national soil, from river to sea, with full equality for all."
Communist Organisation of Greece (KOE)
The KOE proposes the exit from the Euro zone, the renegotiation of the foreign debt and a plan of productive and economic reconstruction in favour of the working people.
by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The anti-US mass riot in Logar province on April 25, where more than 19 fuel transporters and a logistics supply convey for US bases province were set on fire, caused the anger of the US and the local authorities and led them to interdict mass demonstrations. They even threatened with death anyone refusing to obey the order.