February 2011

The regime shows its true face
The brief thaw between the people and the army is over and the army has crushed the demonstrators on Tahrir Square.
Willi Langthaler
Yes to people’s power in Benghazi, no to sanctions or military intervention
Bolívar and Zamora Revolutionary Current
Bolivar y Zamora
We seek to form a great popular torrent that empowers the People and makes it the subject and object of a process of liberation
Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current
The social emergency, climate change, capitalism and class struggle in Bolivarian Venezuela
The fight against Mubarak's regime continues
Anti-imperialist Camp
Now it is done: Housni Mubarak is gone! Only 18 hours before his demission, Mubarak held a speech in which he expressed for a last time his famous ignorance and slowness, refusing to resign. As the masses stood just before storming sensitive state organs, and the Egyptian army just before the exam whether it would shoot into the masses or not, Mubarak was removed from power as it had become clear that he was little more than a danger for his own allies and partners. The change was carried out within the state apparatus. The gang of Mubarak had to be removed so that the regime can stay in power.
Founding Statement of the 14th of January Front
As an affirmation to our involvement in the revolution of our people who are struggling for their right to dignity and freedom, whom their sacrifices resulted in dozens of martyrs and thousands of injured and detainees, and in order to complete the victory against the internal and external enemies, and in response to the ongoing attempts for plundering the people’s sacrifices, 14th January Front is formed as a political frame working on advancing our people’s revolution towards achieving its goals and to confront the anti-revolution forces.