May 2011

Report and Resolution
Forum against the war on people
Held in Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, on 21 May 2011
Popular democratic movement thriving
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Preparing for May First on Tahrir Square
Around May First a delegation of the Anti-imperialist Camp visited representatives of the political forces that make up the democratic movement which toppled Mubarak. Our intention was to understand the dynamics of the events, to express our solidarity and to forge ties of co-operation.
Roots and prospects
by Hassan Khaled Chatila
The following is taken from interviews “A World to Win News Service” (AWTWNS) conducted with Hassan Khaled Chatila, a Syrian born in Damascus in 1944. He holds a doctorate in political philosophy from the University of Paris, a city where he has lived as a refugee for many years. He is a member of the Syrian Communist Action Party founded in 1975. AWTWNS has condensed and somewhat edited this material while trying to faithfully represent his views, which are his own.
The callous and unaccountable Naveen government has shown it’s yet another dirty face today when the police force quietly entered Polang village in Jagatsingpur district of Odisha at wee hours to acquire land for handing over to the POSCO Company. Prior to this game-plan, the state government had informed to the media that there would be no acquision of land on 18th May 2011.
By Roger Annis and Kevin Edmonds
Haiti's foreign-orchestrated election hands power to neo-Duvalierist Michel Martelly
Countering sectarian strife fuelled by pro-Saudi Salafis
Anti-imperialist Camp
The Egyptian army is trying to prevent the Gaza march, which had been planned by Egyptian grassroot organisations. The activistis were not allowed to cross the Suez channel. One day before is start the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior had called to cancel this action. As under Mubarak, the Ministry based its call on reasons of national security.
Operation Green Hunt
Forum against War on People
Operation Green Hunt is a multi-pronged attack on the people and their movements - 'Forum against War on People' appeals to the progressive and democratic sections of the society to raise a strong voice of protest and opposition to this genocidal war on people
Promise to open Rafah must be fulfilled immediately
Anti-imperialist Camp
The Egyptian “Co-ordinating committee to support the Palestinian Intifada”, a broad coalition emerging from the democratic movement, has called for a march into Gaza for May 15. The mobilisation is challenging the military regime’s announcement to open the Rafah crossing at least for passenger traffic. But so far some ten days have passed without any significant change in the border regime.
We appeal to one and all to strongly condemn the decision of the Minister of State for Environment and Forest, Govt. of India. Mr. Jaiaram Ramesh for giving final forest and environmental clearance to POSCO Company for use of 1253 hectare of forest land in our area.
Salmond's positions in sharp contrast to the London Government, which attacked and invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and endorsed every Israeli crime - supports BDS
An activist of Abnaa el Balad speaks on the impact of the Arab revolution
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Sayed Rian is a mechanical engineer and militant of the anti-Zionist organisation within the territory occupied in 1948 which today forms Israel. We met him in Cairo to where he travelled like us to explore the Egyptian popular movement which brought down Mubarak.
The Israeli occupation courts have, once again, extended the isolation of Ahmad Sa'adat. On May 3, 2011, at a hearing in Beersheba prison, the court issued an extended isolation order until November 3, 2011. Ahmad Sa'adat, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Palestinian national leader, has been held in isolation since March 19, 2009 - for over two full years, over 775 days.
A first glance on the candidates
Wilhelm Langthaler
Egypt remains in turmoil. The fall of Mubarak’s tyranny sounded the starting signal for a large and deep process of transformation. With the referendum of March 19, 2011, the military council with support of the Islamic forces has frozen the popular demand for a constituent assembly. Both the parliamentary elections of September as well as the presidential elections set for the turn of year will thus take place within a substantially unchanged constitutional framework. The new president will wield de facto dictatorial powers and will thus play a pre-eminent role.