June 2011

Arrested in Perugia, Italy
Committee to Free the Three Libyan Patriots
It is not criminal to defend one's country against the NATO bombs.
"On direct orders from the Italian government, headed by Silvio Berlusconi (who himself faces many investigations), three Libyans were arrested in Perugia, including Ahusain Nouri, president of the League of Libyan students in Italy.
Final Declaration of the Syria Conference for Change, Antalya, May 31 – June 3, 2011
Today, Syria is witnessing the most difficult and painful days; however, it is also witnessing the birth of a new dawn of freedom quenched by the blood and sacrifice of the Syrian youth demonstrating peacefully in the ground. This puts the burden of urgent action on the shoulders of all Syrians, living all over the world, to work along side their brothers and sisters in and outside Syria to build a new future for their country.
Interview with Wajdy Mustafa, Syrian leftist oppositionist
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Wajdy Mustafa, 51, has been member of the Communist Union and as such served a total of 13 years in Syrian prison. A few years ago he settled in Europe as a political refugee. Now he was elected into the consulting committee of the Antalya conference from May 31 to June 3, the main coalition of the Syrian democratic opposition.
Statement to the Syrian people: people’s uprising enters its third month
Damascus Declaration for National Democratic Change
Editor’s note: We publish this declaration because it helps to understand the political forces at work in the current uprising. We do, however, strongly disagree with the attempt of the “Damascus Declaration” to mobilise Western pressure. We believe on the contrary that liberation is only possible against imperialism which today try to indulge the movement with support of “democracy” – but we know that eventually that means subordination.