July 2011

Hammami: revolution against old system must continue
by Wilhelm Langthaler
In the large palace of sports of Tunis several thousand people participated in the first congress of the PCOT after decades of underground existence. It was first of all an event to show strength and give a signal to society that the PCOT is a significant political option. This certainly was achieved.
Freedom is anti-imperialist, truth is revolutionary, imperialist intervention is never justified
by Anti-imperialist Camp (Austria) and Initiativ e.V. Duisburg (Germany)
A new spirit is spreading in the Arab region taking different shapes of movements for democracy, social justice and national sovereignty. Although in each country the movements are occupied with the local condition, a new Arab spirit is being born among the popular masses, who again have shown more political courage, sense for organisation and clarity in their demands, not only more than expected, but also more than most of the opposition elites ever had.
On the patriotic and the pro-Western opposition to the Assad regime
Mohammed Aburous
Against the background of the heavy Western intervention in the Syrian issue, the opposition is divided on the question whether foreign intervention should be sought and if so to which extent.
The return of the Central Security police
Mohammed Aburous // Translated from German by Qais Abdallah
The Tahrir Square of Cairo is again permanently occupied by the protesters. After the return of the hated Central Security police and its violent dealing with the demonstrators, the latter want to keep on the streets until the demands of the people’s uprising are fulfilled. This time some prominent political forces distanced themselves from the action. Still the revolutionaries are again at Tahrir Square.