October 2011

On the eve of our National Day – the Day of NO*
by Communist Organisation of Greece (KOE)
No to the protectorate
1) Throw out of Greece the troika, the government, and all the political forces which openly or covertly support them. 2) Stop of payments to the international usurers. 3) Independence – Democracy – Productive Reconstruction. This is a way out that will be difficult, demanding deep ruptures.
On the 48 hours’ general strike and the demonstrations on 19-20 Oct 2011
by Communist Organisation of Greece (KOE)
The popular mobilization on 19 and 20 October was shaking and unprecedented since the fall of the dictatorship in 1974. The first day of the general strike, a huge popular river, more than half million demonstrators, occupied the central streets of Athens, and hundreds of thousands stormed all the other cities all over Greece.
Interview with Dr. Khaled Khoja
by Mustafa Ilhan and Wilhelm Langthaler
Khaled Khoja
Khaled Khoja is a vocal activist of the Syrian opposition based in Turkey. Belonging to the Islamic current he was a member of the “Damascus Declaration” and today is part of the Syrian National Council (SNC).
"Hungry for Freedom"
Hunger strike continues despite prisoner exchange
It has been two week since the declaration of the hunger strike by the prisoners of our people. This strike is set to protest the detention in the most despicable conditions possible. The time to establish a decisive stance of support has come. The time to regain the issue of the Palestinian prisoners' movement to the top priority of the struggle of the Palestinian people has come.