April 2012

Strike leadership's statement no 2
Higher National Leadership Committee of the Prisoners’ Struggle
The Leadership Committee of the Prisoners’ Hunger Strike issued a second statement about the continuing open hunger strike, emphasizing that the strike will continue until their demands are achieved and stating their willingness to die to achieve a decent life for themselves and their sisters and brothers.
Generals sacrifice Mubarak’s right hand to get rid of Islamist frontrunners
by Wilhelm Langthaler
In the run-up to the presidential elections in Egypt major revulsions keep precipitating.
Yet stuck in conflicts over Arab popular movements and regional geo-politics
by the Anti-imperialist Camp
The Anti-imperialist Camp (AIC) was one of the first organisations in Europe to adhere and to actively promote the “Global March to Jerusalem” (GMJ). Now it is time to draw a public balance sheet, which for us is comprehensively positive, and to reflect on the way to continue.
Interview with Mohamed Wakid on the current stage of the Tahrir movement, the role of the military as well as the Muslim Brotherhood and the US line.
By Anna-Maria Steiner and Wilhelm Langthaler
Mohamed Wakid
Mohamed Wakid is a leading activist of Egypt's Tahrir left. He is member of the “Revolutionary Socialists” and leader of the “National Front” [Pan-arabist] trying to politically unify the revolutionary forces. He is co-editor of jadaliyya.com [“Dialectics” in Arabic], a pan-Arab website in English and Arabic that is trying to grasp the developments of Arab society and promoting dialogue with the international movement against the global oligarchy.
6th - 30th March 2012
Asian People's Solidarity for Palestine
GMJ Asia
The Asian convoy was a remarkable collective venture & began when 27 Indonesians set of from Jakarta on the 6th of March 2012, for Karachi. At that moment, the Indian delegates from across the vast country & representing the vast diversity, were setting of in the trains to gather in New Delhi. Finally on the 9th of March 2012, 12 Indians & other activists, set off for the Wagah (India-Pakistan) border.
International Leninist Current
Unanimously approved by the Founding Conference of the ILC
The „International Leninist Current“ (ILC), which ceased to exist about one decade back, was one of the driving forces in the foundation of the “Anti-imperialist Camp” (AIC) at the turn of the millennium. The platform and project of the AIC has been, however, much broader both politically as well as organizationally. Several other forces from other backgrounds have been involved both in the foundation as well as in the further campaigns of the AIC to the effect that the AIC is in not the heir of the ILC.