June 2012

Lakshimpeta, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India
Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)
Punish the Culprit Upper Caste Brahmanical Forces Including their Abettors, the Ruling Party Leaders.
Pro-revolution forces nearly scored half of the votes but were cut out from the presidential run off
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Girls campaigning for the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate Mursi
If the elections of May 23/24 would have been for a proportional parliament the pro-Tahrir forces with some 40% of the electorate behind them had emerged as the strongest force. Actually that is a big step ahead compared to the parliamentary elections of last autumn. The run off will be, nevertheless, between the two other players of the power triangle: namely the old regime backed by the army and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The Tahrir will have to rely on taking to the street. The recent acquittal of Mubarak sons and police generals poor fresh fuel into the fire. Huge popular mobilisations are possible.
Act now for the Palestinian football player
On the 76th day of his Hunger Strike, Mahmoud Sarsak’s life is in immediate danger. Yet the Israeli racist regime is building on our fatigue after the latest mass Hunger Strike and the successful solidarity campaign and is deliberately trying to drive Mahmoud to his death.
Anti-imperialist Camp, 23-26 August, 2012 Assisi, Italy
Camping Fontemaggio, Assisi
Errikos Finalis, leading member of the Communist Organisation of Greece (KOE) which is part of Syriza, on Greece and the Eurozone
Interview conducted by Wilhelm Langthaler
Errikos Finalis
The IMF-EU-ECB troika is a colonial-type regime of economic and political occupation dismantling the last traces of bourgeois democracy and national sovereignty. It is leading a policy of social extermination. The diktat of Bruxelles and especially of Germany led Greece into the antechamber of the exit from the Eurozone in order to threaten the Greek people and to keep them politically in check.
Michel Kilo responding on questions arising after the Houla massaker
Interview conducted by Wilhelm Langthaler
In a telephone interview conducted by the Anti-imperialist Camp on May 31, Michel Kilo, a senior democratic activist, put the blame for the massacre on the Assad regime. “All evidence points to a shelling by the army and near distance killings by the Shabiha militia.”