October 2012

Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 2012
Anti-imperialist Camp, Italy, 23-26 August, 2012
The Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi was a unique event. It brought together leaders and activists of the current Tahrir movement in the Arab world, anti-imperialist resistance forces from the Middle East including Islamic ones as well as anti-capitalist forces from Europe struggling against EU oligarchy. As the main state opposing the US-led global imperialist order a university professor from Tehran addresses the gathering as well. The guiding idea has been how to come together in a global anti-imperialist front.
Michel Kilo: “Rethinking among Allawis”
Wilhelm Langthaler
On September 28, 2012, an incident of great significance is being reported to have taken place in Qardaha, the hometown of the Assad family. It is situated in the costal mountains above Lattaqia and origin of many influential Allawi clans. Members of the Khayyer family publicly reproached Assad for sticking to his seat which is endangering the future of the Allawis in Syria as a whole. Mohamed Assad, a close relative of Bashar, allegedly shot at the critics.
Georgia at the crossroads
By Temur Pipia, Executive Secretary of Peace Committee of Georgia
Temur Pipia
The general crisis of capitalism is directly reflected upon Georgia. All main contradictions of globalizing capitalism have their concrete and direct consequences on the processes developing in Georgia and orient these processes towards the certain riverbed.