June 2013

Some preliminary thoughts on Rohani’s election
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Everybody seems happy with the unexpected outcome of the Iranian presidential elections – with the notorious Israeli exception. Given the explosive regional and global tensions, one is inclined to think that there is something wrong with this apparent harmony, isn’t it?
Addendum on Turkey’s Gezi park movement
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Dersim uprising 1938: Alevis captured by Turkish soldiers to be deported
The article “Gezi park: between democracy and Kemalism, Chances and dangers for a social revolutionary left” closed with following proposition: “Based purely on the Alevite communal group revolution proved to be impossible.” Uncomprehending reactions invited me to offer a deeper explanation.
The International Peace in Syria Initiative Meets with Government and Opposition in Damascus and Lebanon
Delegation meets Kadri Shamil (r), vice premier and minister
Since September 2012 the Peace in Syria Initiative has undertaken consultations inside and outside Syria. Between June 2 and 8, the Peace in Syria Initiative met with high ranking government officials, opposition and religious organizations.
Chances and dangers for a social revolutionary left
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Hand sign second from left is the one of the Grey Wolves
The old left had failed facing the AKP challenge – because they read them erroneously as a linear prolongation of the military dictatorship. As the authoritarian and culturally repressive tendencies of Erdogan are coming to the fore, a new chance is being offered to social revolutionary democrats. But there is one condition: not to tap into the trap set by Kemalism which already had seemed moribund.