July 2013

Jaffa and Ramallah movements come together
ODS meeting in Ramallah
At the invitation of "The Popular Movement for One Democratic State on the Historic Land of Palestine" (which announced its launch on May 15, 2013), some 25 of the activists of the Jaffa Group for One Democratic State came to Ramallah on Saturday, July 13, to a joint meeting. It was the first meeting of this kind bringing together supporters of a comprehensive democratic solution to the Palestinian cause from both sides of the Green Line. Members of the constituent body of The Popular Movement hosted the meeting, while the visiting delegation included political and social activists, veterans and youth, artists, academics, Arab and Jewish opponents of Zionism.
Push back the army and reach out to the Islamic milieu
by Wilhelm Langthaler
The Muslim Brotherhood has gone too far. They were even unable to read the recent mass movement as a sign that their own influence was waning and some kind of compromise was necessary. Eventually the army intervened in form of a soft coup in order to avoid a further escalation and to stop the popular mass movement before it gets out of hand.