April 2014

On the strategic rupture with the liberal middle classes
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Turkey's current account
With close to 50% of the votes the AKP rightly can claim an impressive electoral success despite the alleged involvement of the prime minister and his entourage in corruption. This is yet another evidence for the deep Anatolian roots the AK party could sink during the last decade thanks also to the social and democratic gains – not to speak about the unbroken power of Sunni identity politics. Nevertheless, behind the increased cultural rigidity and authoritarian tendencies there is hidden a deep loss of hegemony especially among the educated middle classes. Conflicts are bound to exacerbate. Turkey has lost its attraction as a model to be followed.
European Forum - Assisi, August 20-24 2014
Whoever cared for social rights and for the future of democracy, apart from the interests of workers, was against the birth of the European Union. The Union signed in 1992 by the neo-liberalist Maastricht Treaty was a pact that saw great capitalists from the different countries join forces in a common cause to restore their absolute control, in the aftermath of the imperialistic euphoria caused by the collapse of the real socialisms.