September 2014

The peoples of the region need to deal with dictatorships and sectarianism on their own
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Once more the US has launched one of its notorious aerial bombing campaigns, this time on Iraq and Syria. The justification: to stop the genocide committed by the caliphate. With this move Washington is securing the broadest possible support ranging from Israel, the European Union, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq (with tacit support from Iran, Russia and even Assad), including all Kurdish factions, even the PKK and extending to a major part of the European left. Against the spectre of Jihadism a monstrous front is in the making encompassing political forces from the far-right to the far-left.
Nazi storm-troopers for the EU and austerity
by Dmitriy Kolesnik, editor of
Dmitriy Kolesnik
Ukraine, November 2013 – the president delays the signing of the free-trade Agreement with the EU attached with IMF demands to impose austerity measures and the next day Ukraine faced the pro-EU protests that (after gradual escalation) led to the coup and current civil war. But who played the leading role in those protests? Who was introduced to the Ukrainian government after the coup? And why too many Ukrainian citizens decided to raise the armed rebellion against new government?
Kiev regimes leaves no political space for anti-Maidan forces
Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity
Vlad Wojciechowski (torn T-shirt), May 2, 2014, after the union massacre
While after his partial military defeat president Poroshenko is trying to offer some concessions to the Donbass popular rebellion like the special status, the attack on the leftist activists in Odessa shows that the Kiev regime continues to crack down on any democratic articulation.
Focus remaining on the embargo
by Wilhelm Langthaler
The most recent Israeli attack on Gaza resulted in yet another appalling massacre – one of too many through the history of Zionist colonialism. But beyond moral condemnation, what is the political result?