January 2015

A strong signal against EU austerity – let’s prepare the break with the oligarchy
Together with millions and millions of people in all European countries we rejoice greatly in the electoral success of Sýriza. It is a shot across the bows of the ruling elites in Brussels and Berlin, a sign of resistance against the neo-liberal impoverishment policies. Sýriza is simply a sign of hope for change.
International alliance of democratic forces opposing the Euro
Right on the weekend of the historic elections in Greece opposition forces against the Euro regime from across the continent met in Rome. The goal was to strengthen the co-ordination set up already in August 2014 in Assisi.
France cracks down on regime critics
by Glenn Greenwald
Glenn Greenwald became famous for publishing the case of Edward Snowden in The Guardian. We re-produce his recent article on the western instrumental misuse of free speech as it is courageously putting the finder in the wound. The text appeared in The Intercept, a media project co-founded by Greenwald.
Prefering Frantz Fanon to Charlie Hebdo
Anti-imperialist Camp
We anti-imperialists are not part of the clash of civilizations
International meeting Rome, 24-25 Jan 2015
The default of Lehman Brother in September 2008 rocked the global neo-liberal system which is characterised by the absolute predominance of the speculative and predatory finance striving to dismantle the gains achieved by the popular masses after the WWII.