July 2015

For an alliance of national liberation fronts
by Stefano Fassina, MP, former Italian deputy minister
We reproduce here an opinion piece by Stefano Fassina, Italian MP and former deputy minister of finance, which appeared on the website of Yanis Varoufakis. He calls for the ordered disintegration of the eurozone in order to save the EU. Given that he was one of the leading figures of the left wing of the ruling PD it is an extraordinary development of utmost importance.
Symbolism points to another capitulation now to US
by Wilhelm Langthaler
During his visit to Israel on July 19, 2015, the Greek defence minister Kammenos has signed a mutual “status of forces” agreement. Although pecularities have not been reported, such agreements usually regulate the conditions under which foreign military forces can operate on the sovereign territory of a given state. It is to be noted that so far Israel has had such a treaty in place only with its closest ally and long-time protector, the US.
Statement of the International antiEU Forum of left and popular forces
We call for awakening and unity of the all popular, democratic and left forces against the EU.
Letter of Solidarity from Anticapitalistic Left (within Die Linke) to Members of SYRIZA, who voted against the Brussels-Agreement
The German „Antikapitalistische Linke“ in DIE LINKE supports the steady position of those SYRIZA-members and -M.P.s, who yesterday opposed in the Greek parliament the Brussels-agreement as a brutal dictation of austerity and privatisation from Merkel and Schäuble.
Alavanos on the third bailout plan for Greece
"One third of Greek people in favour of euro exit": Alekos Alavanos was one of the leaders of Syriza and the first to advocate the exit from the eurozone. He later form the movement Plan B.
The Left should create a popular front against the EU
by Stavros Mavroudeas
SYRIZA betrays the resounding NO vote of the Greek people and signs a 3rd troika austerity program
Tsipras’s wavering on clear break threatening secure victory
by Wilhelm Langthaler
The world is looking to Greece. Tsipras’s decision to call for a referendum was a courageous but risky forward defence. A strong NO will mean a significant political defeat for the European capitalist elites and first of all for the German leadership. It will open up the gates for popular struggles against the neo-liberalist Euro regime across Europe and especially the German monetarist dictatorship institutionalised by the EU.
The Greek referendum and the tasks of the Left
by Stavros Mavroudeas
"SYRIZA oscillated for a critical period toying (because also of internal pressures) with the idea of canceling the referendum and offering more concessions to the EU which the latter – having smell blood – humiliatingly rejected."