October 2020

EU drives Minsk towards Moscow
Poligraf_Red – a Marxist group from Minsk
Belarus rail
Foreign comrades are asking us to make some comments on the situation with the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Belarus. Here is our answer.
neglect and continuous denial of adequate treatment by the jail authorities
Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. G. N. Saibaba
release GN Saibaba
Condemnable treatment of Dr. G. N. Saibaba forcing him to go on Hunger Strike in Nagpur Central Jail!
A communist view from Moscow
Serguei Novikov
Nagorny Karabakh
"So it would be in the interests of the Azery and Armenian people to recognise the selfdetermination of Karabakh in exchange for some purely Azery territories as well as to guarantee nonaggression and the obligation to act by peaceful means only."