Beyond the Euro

Conference 11-12 January, Chianciano Terme, Italy
Saturday, 11. January 2014 - 0:00 to Sunday, 12. January 2014 - 0:00
Chianciano, Italy
Viale della Libertà
How to exit from the Euro – this is the main question posed at the conference. Are we supposed to wait fatalistically for the collapse? Or do we try to build a popular movement in order transform the exit into a step towards a better future?

Second end: which is our idea about the future? What society we aim for? Which social and political forces may realise it?

The third aim is directed towards the Left. As Left we consider a wide spectrum of political and social movements, trade-union forces, cultural and intellectual currents in their specific ways opposed to the destructive forces of globalisation who have been fighting against respective centre-right and centre-left governments.

The antagonist Left has been marginalised especially by the systemic Left around the Democratic Party (PD). The PD milieu served as the main pillar of the Euro regime by which the ruling classes corrupted the social opposition.

Two things are clear for us:

First: If the antagonist Left continues to rot in its trenches the path is cleared for reactionary adventures.

Secondly the Left can only resurrect and become protagonist in a historic battle if it frees itself from the Euro taboo and tackles the question of national identity. It must dare to start the struggle against the Euro and for monetary sovereignty. Within the Euro cage monetary sovereignty has become the symbol of people’s sovereignty.

We must dispose of the idea that enemies of the Euro are automatically certain rightist people or Berlusconi followers searching for shelter. This mindset leads to the fatalist conclusion that exiting the Euro zone drives us into the arms of revanchist populism. We to the contrary believe that it is possible to be socialist and for sovereignty, internationalist and patriot, EU enemy and democrat at the very same time.

Also the media apparatus puts all opposition against the Euro into the camp of the Right or even under the category of fascist nostalgia. The reason for this propaganda is obvious: The oligarchy and its political puppets have to terrorize public opinion, first of all the workers and the lower classes. For, in case they decide to join the resistance, it is them to detonate the Euro cage, which is anyway more of a political than and economic cage. It is important for the oligarchy to be able to count on a subservient Left as it is still representing the majority of the workers.

Some intellectuals were of great help to this cunning propaganda labelling all enemies of the Euro dictatorship “reactionary populists” and depicting the entire Left to be pro-Euro. They are obsessed by “ending the Right-Left dichotomy”. Their keep explaining us that it is only important to exit the Euro regardless of who will lead the country and with which aim. It is not by accident that this discourse, after four decades of uniform thinking, enjoys warm reception especially within the Right.

At a certain point it will indeed be necessary to unify the widest possible range of resistance forces to defeat the powerful Euro regime. But if we speak of coalitions it means that we are talking about differing forces representing distinct social interests.

But what about our coffin bearers of „dichotomy“? Do they really think that the deep historic roots of these differences have actually disappeared all of a sudden? Maybe they hope to substitute one uniform thinking by another one, namely their own one.

What a terrible world without differing thoughts, ideas and ideals. We openly admit that our socialist aim is not negotiable as it is our elixir endowing us with our tenacity.

Our motto goes: march separately, hit commonly.

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