No to NATO

Expansive drive amid its crisis
The NATO is the main military expression of the US-led imperialist system. Its drive to expand to the east does, however, not only meet resistance but comes at a point of crisis of the power of its centre. To fight the expansion of NATO and to struggle for the exit within its member states remains a primordial task.

The attack on Libya in 2011 displays at also within decline NATO remains a prime enemy. On the other hand the aspirations of Turkey, a key NATO member, to become a leading power of the Middle East puts the imperialist military alliance into severe troubles as such a role is possible only if Ankara breaks with its traditional role as a pawn of Washington.

Call of German anti-imperialist forces for the moblisation against the NATO summit
In solidarity with everyone who will protest on April 2009 in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit meeting, marking the 60th anniversary of the founding of the NATO military alliance, we call for protests as the beginning of a long-term campaign against NATO and militarization of the European Union, and call for the following demands to be made central to the campaign:
Mobilisation against NATO's 60th anniversary
In April 2009 NATO will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in Strasbourg / Kehl right on the French-German border. A massive international mobilisation is under way to express the popular protest and refusal of this main instrument of Western capitalist and imperialist domination and war mongering.
Call for an int'l campaign against the enlargement of NATO
The very quick military victory of the Russian army in Georgia has a positive strategical importance, because it achieved four fundamental results at one time: