Accommodation Fees Anti-imperialist Camp 2004

Assisi, Italy, 2–6 August

Hotel / Bungalow
Full Board* …€ 250

(own) Caravan / Camper
Full Board* …€ 190

Full Board* …€ 150

Tent under 26 years
Only night`s lodging …€ 50

One day fees
Hotel / Bungalow only night´s lodging …€ 30
(own) Caravan / Camper only night´s lodging …€ 21
Tent only night´s lodging …€ 13

One meal voucher
…€ 10

Please note:
* Includes lunch and dinner. Breakfast is not included

For information and reservation please contact the Reception Service at:
Phone: +39 3479510036

Please note:
Reservations for hotel, bungalow, caravan and camper are only valid upon payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount to the following bank account:

RKL (Anti-imperialist Camp)
Bank name: PSK, Austria
IBAN AT646000000092125137

Please indicate with your bank transfer: First name, surname, type of lodging, number of participants the payment refers to. To accelerate procedures, send us your bank transfer details by e-mail.