A socialist world is possible - Power to the People!


Message of the Iranian-American Community to the Anti-imperialist Camp

As we speak, the people of the world are rising up and organizing against what the Sandinista anthem so appropriately referred to as "Yankee, the enemy of humanity".

Today, the American ruling class has plans to conquer the Middle East and its resources, destroy the sovereign nation of North Korea, surround and destroy China, and dominate Europe.

Thanks to the Iraqi resistance, the US Imperialism has been stopped in its tracks. We must extend our full support to the Iraqi resistance to ensure that the US Imperialism is defeated in Iraq. We must also fully stand behind our Palestinian brothers and sisters and their struggles for "right of return" to build a free Palestine, for the struggles against US occupation and Israeli Zionism go hand-in-hand.

In Latin America, we salute the efforts of President Hugo Chavez to bring back dignity and independence to Venezuela, and we urge all our brothers and sisters to unite against the US aggression on the socialist government of Cuba.

Finally, we stand in solidarity with the people all over Europe who have organized and demonstrated against the United States` militarism and aggression, for we have much to learn from their organizing efforts and acts of generosity.

Bring the troops home now. US out of the Middle East and the Philippines.
A socialist world is possible - Power to the People!

Iranian-American Community (IACUS)

July 2004