Iraqi resistance will win

Greetings from Argentina to the Anti-imperialist Camp
The "Agrupación Martin Fierro" and the protest organisation "Frente Barrial 19 de Diciembre" (Slum Front of December 19th) adhere fervently to the initiative taken by you in the city of Assisi.

Our organisations fight in Argentina against Yankee imperialism and the big economic groups which have forced our country into marginalisation and misery and which transformed it into an absolute desert.

Accept our congratulations for being coherently anti-imperialist.

We Argentineans know very well what repression means. Our 30,000 disappeared testify for that. Today we have some 3,500 social activists being tried by a judicial apparatus which is an accomplice of the powerful. They persecute those who resist with dignity against the forces of imperialist oppression.

"Martin Fierro" and the "Frente Barrial" express their solidarity with all the people which fight against imperialism by all possible means and which spare no effort to chase away the Yankee invader from their lands.

We convey to the aggressed peoples our salutes and our spirit along with our will to build a world without exploiters and exploited.

Long live the Palestinian people and the organisations which fight for independence!
The Iraqi resistance will win!

With anti-imperialist and revolutionary greetings

Eduardo Soares
National Political Committee
Agrupacià³n Martin Fierro

Jorge Aragon
General Co-ordinator
Frente Barrial 19 de diciembre

Buenos Aires, Argintina, July 11, 2004