The way we go

Message to Assisi 04: Elena Borisova PhD, Antiglobalist Resistance, Russia
The "new world order" is coming. The values of the Enlightenment and the whole epoque of the modernity are being self-destructed. The liberties become depravity and lechery due to hedonism and unlimited eager of consuming. Democracy decades to a regulated punch-and-judy show.

The implanted chips with identification numbers of human beings leave far behind medieval inquisition or Gestapo. The upspring of the science gives us destructive technologies: nuclear weapons, gene modifying, manipulating of consciousness etc. The economic relations that had enabled the scientific progress return the slavery and bar the way to the independent development for three fourths of the humanity. The humanity is standing before the new world order like before an abyss. We can resign ourselves taking it as inevitable and natural. We can doubt the prognosis and restrict ourselves by everyday tasks. But there is another variant – we can look for a way to another future. But is there any other future for the society where money generates power and domination over countries and consciousness? What can stop those that are obsessed by consuming? The fear for the future danger.

Anti-globalists are those who understand their fear, those who are afraid of manipulated mankind, of degradation of culture and morality. They do not want such future for their children. The way to another future begins with understanding of this danger and explaining it to all.

The "new world order" is being formed now. And the task of anti-globalists is to resist to all its manifestations: economic and political oppression, cultural degradation, manipulating of consciousness, electronic tracing. That is why the "Anti-globalist resistance" protests against the aggressive policy of the USA and NATO, against post-Soviet economic reforms, against the TV and advertising that destruct morality and intelligence.

The resistance to the "new world order" unites different groups and organizations. Still besides negation there is a positive moment in this activity: this is humanism, the attempt to preserve as many human features as possible despite the inhuman character of the "new world order". This unites people.