Salutation to the Antiimperialist Camp of Assisi

by KKE(ml) Greece
On behalf of GPG (m-l)-Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) and the frontal antiwar-antiimperialist committees that have been established in various parts of Greece we sent warm, militant, and internationalist greetings to the organizational committee of Campo Antiimperialista 2004 as well as to all participants.

The yearly antiimperialist-internationalist meeting of Assisi is a major contribution to the stepping-up of relations between antiimperialist movements around the world, an opportunity for exchanging ideas, views, and experience, and advancing initiatives concerning the struggle and resistance to the imperialist war, oppression, and terrorism of imperialists. At the same time it is a forum for publicizing peoples´ struggle for freedom and independence and for strengthening the antiimperialist, militant line in the international, popular, and antiwar movement.

In the year that passed after the last meeting of Assisi there were many antiimperialist, antiwar, and internationalist activities in Greece. In November 2003 and May 2004 there were solidarity meetings in a dozen Greek cities concerning the Iraqi Resistance with speakers from the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance. In December 2003 there were demonstrations in both Athens and Thessaloniki organized by the Initiative for Solidarity to the Iraqi Resistance. On the 20th of March in dozens of Greek cities there were demonstrations and meetings. There were also demonstrations for solidarity to the Palestinian Intifada against the Israeli murderous policy. There were also great antiimperialist demonstrations against the American-British Anan Plan, which was meant to be imposed on the Cypriot people, and solidarity action for the persecuted Turkish fighters. There were especially solidarity actions for the Kurdish militant Taylan who is in danger of being extradited to Germany. There was a great solidarity movement from trade unions, political parties and social organizations that still continues.

There were also solidarity mobilizations and actions after the arrest of the Campo Antiimperialista members in Italy, supported by trade unions, organizations and political parties.

Today in Greece there is a great mobilization by the state to organize and carry out the Olympic games, for which many social and political organizations have stated their opposition. With the Olympic game and their Security as a pretext the Greek government has invited in the country NATO and the Western Secret Services, has weaved a strong network of terrorism and suppressing measures, has imposed bans, etc. Against this situation there were many popular mobilizations, meetings, demonstrations, etc.

On the occasion of this salutation we would like to convey to the participants of your meeting the resolution of the antiimperialist movement in Greece to continue the struggle against imperialist war, the American presence in Greece, and their murderous plans against the peoples in the region. The internationalist struggle of the Greek people concerning all peoples and popular movements that fight against imperialism and reaction will continue and intensify.

For technical reasons we cannot participate this year at Assisi, so accept our sincere wishes for the success of your activities which we will follow closely and inform the antiimperialist movement of Greece about the resolutions.

CPG (m-l)
Athens 26-7-2004