Supporters of the Anti-imperialist Camp 2001


Italy, 28.07 - 05.08.2001

Total number of supporters: 91


African Anti Zionist Front

Alwihda - National Front, Tschad

FLAM – Force de Libà©ration Africaine de Mauritanie (African Liberation Force of Mauritania)

Liberian Unity Front, Liberia

Movement for Change, Guinea

Panafrican Initiative Patrice Lumumba/AIF
Opà©ration 1234 (Brussels)

Partisans de la Rà©sistance en Rà©publique Dà©mocratique du Congo - Partisans of Resistance in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Holland

PDL - Peoples Democratic League, Sierra Leone

Saddam Hussein Foundation for Africa

YHSDN - Youth and Human Settlements Development Network, Senegal


ALO - Afghanistan Liberation Organisation

Anti-imperialist Forum Nepal

BAYAN International (Philippines)

CMKP - Communist Workers-Peasants Party, Pakistan

LPP - Labour Party of Pakistan

National Garments Workers Federation, Bangladesh

RAWA – Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan

CSVI/GPDI, Co-ordination Group for the Support of the People`s Resistance in Indonesia


AKN, News Agency of Kanaria

Associazione Italia-Nicaragua (Association Italy-Nicaragua), Italy

BAKS-Bund von Antiimperialisten, Kommunisten und
Sozialisten (Federation of Anti-imperialists, Communists and Socialists), Eastern Germany, Cech Republic, Poland

Centar Tito (Centre Tito), Yugoslavia

Civic Platform Cuenca, Valencia, Spain

Collettivu "Comunitarismu e Indipendentzia!" (Group Communitarism and Independence), Sardinia

Confederazione dei Comunisti Sardi (Confederation of Sard Communists), Sardinia

Direzione 17 (Direction 17), Italy

EHK – Euskal Herriko Komunistak (Basque Communists)

Endavant, Catalonia Endavant

Feder-Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Federation), Italy

Fondazione Nino Pasti (Foundation Nino Pasti), Italy

IF – International Forum, Denmark

ILC – International Leninist Current

IRSP – Irish Republican Socialist Party

La Haine, Espana La Haine

La nostra lotta (Our Struggle), Italy

Linea Rossa (Red Line), Italy

Maoist Party of Russia


New Left Party, Russia

Nicaragua-Nicaragüita, Italy

PCPE – Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de España (Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain)

ÖZTUDAK (Solidarity Committee with the Political Prisoners in Turkey, Germany)

Radnicki Pokret (Workers Movement, Yugoslavia)

RKL – Revolutionär Kommunistische Liga Thüringen (Revolutionary Communist League of Thuringia, Germany)

Rote Aktion (Red Action, Germany)

Roter Tisch Thüringen (Red Table Thuringia, Germany)

Russian Maoist Party

RPC, Russian Party of Communists

Russian Political Union "Worker"

Senideak (Organisation of Political Prisoners), Bask Country

Unione delle Opposizioni Sindacali di Classe (Union of Opposition Class Trade Unions), Italy

Unione Italia-Jugoslavia, (Union Italy-Yugoslavia)

Urals Trade Union Centre (Russia)

Workers Trade Union "ZZZ", Russia

National Liberation Movement-Primeira Linha (Galizia)

SENIDEAK, Association of Relatives of Basque Political Prisoners and Refugees

Unione Popolare Antimperialista (Anti-imperialist Popular Union), Italy

Neighbourhood and Cultural Association "Open Circle" Benicalap, Catalonia

Latin America

ADPH – Asociacià³n Permanente de Derechos Humanos (Permanent Association for Human Rights, Ecuador)

CLAJADEP – Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Juristas, Cientistas Sociales y Grupos Marginados por una Alternativa Democrática y Popular (Latin American Coordination of Lawers, Social Scientists and Marginalized Groups for a Democratic and Popular Alterative), Brazil

Centro Cultural y Ecumà©nico "Cura Brochero" (Cultural and Ecomenical Center "Cura Brochero"), Argentine

Cà­rculo de Estudios "26 de Julio Oina" (Study Circle "26 de Julio Oina"), Mexico

FEUV – Federacià³n de Estudiantes Universitarios de Venezuela (Federation of University Students, Venezuela)

Grupo Cultural Pedrada Zerda (Cultural Group Pedrada Zerda), Ecuador

IDP – Izquierda Democrática Popular (Democratic Popular Left, Mexico)

MLN – Movimiento de Liberacià³n Nacional (National Liberation Movement), Venezuela

Página Che Guevara (Che Guevara Home Page, Brazil)

PCMLE - Partido Comunista Marxista Leninista del Ecuador (Communist Marxist Leninst Party of Ecuador)

Prensa Independiente (Independent Press, Argentina)

Proyecto Emancipacià³n en el Congreso Anfictà³nico Bolivariano (Emancipation Project in the Bolivarian Congress, Argentina)

Revista Marcha (Magazine Marcha, Panama)

RFAPPCh – Red de Familiares y Amigos de los Presos Polà­ticos de Chile (Network of Relatives and Friends of Chilian Political Prisoners)

Socialista Action, Brasil AS
Foundation Che Guevara, Bolivia Che

Marxist Review "6th Thesis", Argentine 6th Thesis

Popular Power Bloc, Mexico

Middle East

Addameer – Association for Support to the Political Prisoners, Palestine, Addameer

DHKC - Revolutionary People`s Loberation front, Turkey

Israeli Communist Forum

Loyalty to Men and Earth, Lebanon

Movement of the commoners, Lebanon

PFLP - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, FPLP

TKEP-L – Communist Workers Party-Leninists of Turkey

Socialist Workers` Paper "Alinteri", Turkey

TIKB, Asociation of Revolutionary Communists of Turkey


AMERCANDINA, Toronto, Canada
La Peña del Bronx, USA
Latin American Forum of New York
GRILA - Group for Research and Initiatives for the Liberation of Africa, Canada

Individual Supporters

Natasa Dokovska, Journalist, Macedonia
Prof. Blagovesta Doncheva, Anti-Nato Activist, Bulgaria
Roberto Massari, Publisher, Italy
Milo Raikovich, Composer, New York – Yugoslavia
General Mirkovic, Yugoslavia