Uncovering the imperialist complicity in the genocide in Africa


Dr. Denise Malasi from Congo and Dr Bashir Kurfi from the Nigerian Liberation Movement speak out

Addressing the main forum Dr. Denise Malasi, who cooperates closely with the Kabila government, is urging the European public not to believe the lies about the genocide in Africa, which are being spread by the Western press. Actually it has been the Western powers that instigated the genocide in Rwanda in order to take over the control of the region of the big lakes. As they have done in so many other places they created a "humanitarian catastrophe" to justify a political and military intervention.

When imperialism realized they were losing control of Congo when Laurant Kabila took over power, the reactionary regimes of Uganda and Rwanda under the command of the US tried to oust Kabila from power and to split the country into many thus applying the same strategy the imperialists used against the Lumumbist liberation movement.

Comrade Denise has called upon the democratic and anti-imperialist forces around the world to support the struggle of the Kongolese people for national sovereignty. The forces of the Anti-imperialist Camp have committed themselves not only to explain to the world the truth about Congo but also to give it material support.

Dr Bashir Kurfi of the Nigerian Liberation Movement adds that European colonialism and later US imperialism have been using various religious, national and tribal conflicts in order to prevent the unification of the poor African masses. Eventually only a social revolution ousting the corrupt capitalist regimes and their Western masters will bring a solution.