Death fast of the Political Prisoners in Turkey


Press release by DHKC


Today, the 170th day of the death fast in the prisons of Turkey, Adil Kaplan, member of the TKP(ML) from the 1st death fast team, died.

On the 20th of October 2000, the prisoners of the DHKP-C, TKP(ML) and TKÍP started an unlimited hunger strike, which was turned into death fast 30 days later.

On the December 19, 2000 military forces and police units raided 20 prisons, where death fast took place. This operation, that in some prisons lasted 4 days, has cost the life of 28 prisoners and two soldiers. The prisoners, who were locked into the f-type prisons after this operation, continued their resistance despite of torture and rape. The number of the prisoners on death fast grow up to nearly 500. Several prisoners were forced to eat and dozens were brought to hospital for forcible medical intervention.

Today, the death fast reached its 170th day and continues with martyrs. Adil Kaplan has died today, on the 170th day of death fast in the State Hospital of Edirne.

How long are we going to watch this!
Hundreds of prisoners are close to death. The Turkish State is responsible for the death of Adil Kaplan. The bloody state of Turkey must be stopped immediately.
Let`s give support to the resistance of the prisoners!
Prevent the Turkish State from murder!