Urgent Call for Solidarity with Breton political prisoners


by Skoazell Vreizh

Breton relief
Support Committee to the families of the Breton political convicts
Benefit Society, declared consistently to the law of July 1st, 1901

Press release

Lack of cares in jail
Alain Solà© in on "trays strike"

Second trays strike for the Breton political prisoner.

Alain Solà©, currently jailed in Fresnes . He means to protest against the lack of medical follow-up granted to him, while he is seriously sick.

Let`s recall that Alain Solà©, suffering from chronic diabetes, has been incarcerated in October 1999.
Due to a lack of suitable cares, he became, in jail, insulino - dependent to the point to make a diabetic coma.

Tossed between the jail house of Villepinte and the jail-hospital of Fresnes, never receiving consistently controls and indispensable cares to follow-up of his diabetes, he was driven to despair to the point to commit an attempt of suicide, on March 24, 2001.

Then, he has been transferred to Fresnes` jail, close to the penitentiary hospital. But his state of health doesn`t seem to improve whatever the cares he is supposed to received. He has been seen by a physician only after one month of detention in this jail house. He doesn`t have Dextron, indispensable to the measure his sugar ratio, three times per day, whereas this Dextron was given to him in Villepinte jailhouse. For these three daily controls, he is forced therefore to go to the infirmary where, as all other prisoners, he must wait up between 45 minutes and one hour before being received by the medical staff.

He is not the only one in this case. The division where he is located welcomes only sick persons, atmosphere is catastrophic there, some patients are in pathetic condition.

Let`s recall that the concerned ministers, and notably Marylise Lebranchu, Minister of the Justice, were regularly informed about Alain Solà© health state. Marylise Lebranchu answers systematically, against the personal testimony of the very concerned person, that he is receiving necessary cares.

An attempt to commit suicide, two trays strikes, multiple testimonies upon the lack of cares brought to a serious diabetic, attestation of one of the penitentiary physicians indicating that Alain Solà© health is incompatible with detention: What could be given as a proof to the penitentiary, judicial and political authorities to convince themselves that Alain Solà© is in an extremely emergency situation and needs urgent solution ?

Do not forget that he is a "temporary" prisoner, just like the six other Breton political prisoners, he is supposed to benefit from the innocence presumption. And like other human being, he has the right to the have his health respected.

Skoazell Vreizh calls the public opinion, since all its calls to the administrations and concerned political bodies stay vain, so that Alain Solà© finally could receive, regularly and permanently coherent, medical attention and cares required by the gravity of his illness.

If the state of health of Alain Solà© worsens again, the worse is to be feared.

Skoazell Vreizh, May 26, 2001.