Palestinian women prisoners


by: Women`s Affairs Technical Committee

Palestinian women have played a key role throughout the struggle for independence over the long years of Israeli occupation. As a result, many women have been arrested, for political reasons, held in solitary confinement, forced to give birth in their prison cells, tortured, verbally and sexually abused and threatened. Many are held among Israeli criminal prisoners, as well. They have been subjected to extreme brutal and violent conditions, deprived of basic human needs and prisoner`s rights, contradicting by this major international declarations, agreements and principles.

Despite harsh conditions, Palestinian women prisoners have shown strength, perseverance, internal unity and solidarity. Before the outbreak of the current Intifada, the number of Palestinian women prisoners comprised five, yet since the end of September 2000, five additional women were arrested, two of which are minors, totaling the number to ten. Following is a list of their names:

1. Suna Al- Ra`i (33 years old)
2. Maha Al-`Ik (24 years old)
3. Nisreen Taha (26 years old)
4. Su`ad Ghazal (17 years old)
5. Amneh Muna (25 years old)
6. `Abeer `Issa `Amro (20 years old)
7. Sara `Issa `Amro (15 years old)
8. Wijdan Ahmad Bujeh (22 years old)
9. `Abeer Abu-Khdeir (33 years old) (Released)
10. Hana` Abu-Khdeir (32 years old) (Released)

The Women`s Affairs Technical Committee demands the following:
* Immediate release of all Palestinian women political prisoners.
* Ensure safe, secure and at least the standard imprisonment conditions.
* Separate political prisoners from criminal prisoners.
* Put an end to all forms of torture, physical, psychological, or mental.

We call upon all conscientious people world wide tour cause, in an attempt to release the political prisoners, end their suffering and torture.


The Undersigned

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