Open Letter to the Socialist Party of Serbia


By Blagovesta Doncheva

The following letter has been sent to the SPS by Ms. Blagovesta Doncheva in response to their official declaration on Milosevic´s voluntary appearance in front of the court. Ms. Doncheva has kindly forwarded this letter to the Anti-imperialist Camp for publication.
I am sorry, but I cannot understand and even less I can justify Mr. Milosevic´s decision to give up.

IT IS A WAR and war is not won by negotiations and concessions!

The President´s main motive is NOT an acceptable motive! His decision has humiliated his supporters (what about their efforts days on a run and in those two nights there? Haven´t they been turned into a laughing stock? Have they deserved it? But the worse will come when they and the whole Serb people and your friends and supporters from abroad will be additionally humiliated by his deliberate humiliation in Belgrade - and then in Hague!) Humiliation and betrayal is much more awful than bloodshed!
And what bloodshed are you talking about? You know the ever rising number of Serb prominent men KILLED during the Fascist regime of Kostunica-Djindjic since CIA coup on October 5-6. Isn´t their death bloodshed? How long are you going to be silent witnesses to that bloodshed? You are not a herd of sheep to let them butcher you one by one! Isn`t it much more dignified to start resisting?

Be sure that Mr. Milosevic´s supporters would have preferred to die fighting for a cause as proud human beings than to die broken in spirit by some dumping container – and that is their future, the IMF future under the rule of the US rags like Kostunica-Djindjic and Co.! (What do you think, how do they feel after Mr. Milosevic decision to give himself up? Imagine the bitter taste in their mouths – the taste of betrayal!)

So CIA-paid DOS have given a written guarantee "to the President Milosevic that his treatment in detention will be in accordance with his previous position of head of state." When have CIA (USA) or their puppets on a string fulfilled a promise? And have they also guaranteed that they will not serve him as a dessert to Inquisitor Number 1, darling Carla? No, they haven´t, as it is clear from your official explanation!

So SPS have strongly condemned – etc. Words. WORDS!

If you want really to remain a key political factor in Serbia - without turning into the shit Bulgarian Socialist Party has turned – assess the situation as it is, look the reality in the eye and drastically change both your party (SPS is an OPPOSITION party!) and strategy! If you keep negotiating with them and make endless concessions, they will swallow you – look at the Bulgarian Socialist Party! (According to the pre-election sociological researches only 14 % of the Bulgarians are for them!)

Why do you think the CIA-DOS killers kill mainly leaders of the Radical National Serb Party? My answer is: probably because that party´s leaders have refused to negotiate with them! So they clear them away physically.
Your party is trying as if to take some middle position - at least that is the impression from your strange reactions. First you negotiate, then - collaborate! (Mr. Milosevic`s decision to give up IS COLLABORATION!!!) By and by your leaders will be turned into traitors – i.e., will be neutralized morally and spiritually - and your party will become what BSP has become – it will head the opposition department of DOS!

You appeal for strongest protests. What do you understand under "strongest protests"? WORDS, again, surely. I´ll tell you what they do with our words: first, they have a good laugh over them, second they mark them: "To the waste-paper basket!" and then our words land into the corresponding waste-paper baskets!

WAR IS OUR MOTHER – it is high time to understand and accept the raw truth of that simple sentence! The people you negotiate with understand only the language of the Kalashnik!

Remember: you have no time - we have no time! They will not give us time because they know that time works against them!

You either stand up against them or sell Globo killers your souls, your people and country as DOS has done. Don´t lie to yourselves that there might be some in-between third position!


I will tell you a true story from the World War II.
A group of Russian soldiers were encircled by the Germans. The Germans PROMISED them (lavish at promises - just like CIA-DOS!) to stay alive if they surrender. Half of the group surrendered, the other half decided to fight.
The Germans immediately shot all of those who surrendered. (Listen! Listen!) Then the fight began and only one of the resisting Russians remained alive. His name is Alexander Zinoviev, a contemporary Russian writer.
Do you see the difference? I will make things easier for you.
Those who surrendered died twice: first spiritually, losing their dignity and self-respect, and then - physically. What did those who resisted achieve?
1/ they had preserved their integrity and died as proud human beings;
2/ before dying they killed at least several of their enemies, and taught them a lesson;
3/ one of them lived and turned into a well known and highly respected writer.

SPS Declaration

Sun, 1 Apr 2001 09:52:52 +0200


After threats and blackmail from Washington, several weeks of Hague-"Tribunal"-stile political manipulation with Serbian judiciary of NATO-DOS government and two days and nights without sleep of excessive on-the-edge-of-bloodbath-and-civil-war police theater in Belgrade, President Milosevic decided to go voluntarily to Belgrade district court, accepting the possibility of temporary detention. Main motive of President`s decision to face the mounted political process was care for lives and destiny of supporters that surrounded him, who were ready to protect him until the end.

The decision was made after meeting of DOS rulers last evening which gave a green light for major siege of several thousand of policeman on his home and refuted to allow to the former head of state to give statement to the investigation judge at home. Before the President early in the morning went to the court in private car, followed by his attorney, long hours of talks with DOS representative in presence of closest associates. DOS gave a written guarantee to the President Milosevic that his treatment in detention will be in accordance with his previous position of head of state. In the press-conference, held on 7:00 a.m. this morning, high officials of the Socialist Party of Serbia strongly condemned recent dangerous events, provoked by Serbian government on USA-NATO orders, protested against obvious political misuse of Serbian judiciary which led to groundless accusations and detention of President Milosevic and expressed firm belief that President Milosevic and SPS will for long time remain the key political factor in Serbia with regaining broadest popular support.
We urge all friends, political parties and organizations, governments and all people of good will to continue strongest protests against detention of Slobodan Milosevic and for stopping of mounted political processes and campaigns against patriots and particularly SPS members. This is in best interest of peace, stability and democracy in Yugoslavia and whole Balkans.