Statement by the RPC on the NATO-aggression on Yugoslavia


23rd March 2001

Following we publish the statement of the Revolutionary (Russian) Party of Communists on the occasion of second anniversary of NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, which has reached us only recently.
The Anti-imperialist Camp

of the Political Council of the Central Committee
of the Revolutionary (Russian) Party of Communists (RPC)
on the occasion of the second anniversary
of NATOfascist aggression against Yugoslavia

Two years have already passed since the United States and their NATO allies: Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and so on, having exhausted all means of economic and political smothering of courageous people of Yugoslavia, threw bombs and launched missiles on the cities and towns of this beautiful country. They wanted this small state to repudiate from a part of its sovereign territory - Kosovo Mitokhia land, and to make the Yugoslav people refuse from the right on free determination of its destiny without sanction of the US.

Today, after the work of the International Tribunal on Yugoslavia and a set of tribunals in the countries - participants in the aggression, the World knows more than ever, that this aggression was a crime against humanity. This crime was as destructive and murderous as senseless and dangerous in its consequences. Hundreds of killed and thousands of wounded, and most of them peaceful people with children among them, destroyed houses and hospitals, subverted national economy, severe damage to cultural monuments and environment, - all these victims resulted only in aggravation of the situation in the Balkans. Under the pretext of counteracting the Serbian nationalism the NATO aggressors gave a green light to the Albanian reactionary extremists, who on an apparent sufferance of the so-called peace-keeping forces terrify not only the Serbs of Kosovo, but also the people of neighbouring Macedonia.

The Yugoslav war has opened and is still opening eyes to many people on the true purposes of the NATO aggressors and the whole military and political NATO alliance.

While yet two years ago many people believed, that the "air campaign" was undertaken for the sake of self-determination of the Kosovo Albanians, today one hardly doubts, that the true target of the war was an attempt on the political self-determination of Yugoslavia, on its territorial integrity, and in perspective – an attempt on the territorial integrity and political self-determination of Russia, Byelorussia and other recalcitrant states.

Last October imperialists succeeded in defeating the Milosevic government, but they did not and will not manage to coerce the Yugoslav people to capitulation and enslavement.

There was a time, when many people believed, that NATO is an instrument of peace, and this organization is necessary to balance the Warsaw Agreement. But Warsaw agreement does not exist for more than ten years, but the NATO not only lessons its activity, but, otherwise, expands its frontiers to the borders of Russia, provoking Russia, Byelorussia and other states for a new turn of arms-race and interimperialist rivalry.

As the result of this self-denunciation it is quite clear to many people, that taking care of peace - it is only a cover for protection of the interests of transnationals and lackeying bourgeois governments. Nato guards not peace, but the hegemony of imperialists, who are gradually pulling the globe into a new World war. This organization, which was formed under the cover of peace, has ultimately denounced itself as an instrument of war.

NATO aggression against Yugoslavia denounced not only aggressors themselves, but also their myrmidons from the former left and social-democrats (such as Fischer in Germany). And in as much as in the years of the first world war the watershed between the social-traitors, who sided with their national bourgeoisie, and true revolutionary social-democrats came through the attitude towards that first imperialist war, to the slogan of Defence of one`s own fatherland in that war, - in the same way the war in Yugoslavia has torn off the mask from the face of degenerated left and social-democratic renegates and again made a borderline between modern social-liberal and revolutionary anti-imperialists.

This war has also denounced such governments as the Government of Russia, which spared no words to express its virtual protest, but in a crucial moment they betrayed the fraternal people of Yugoslavia counter to the will of millions of the Russian working people.

On behalf of communists and working people of Russia we welcome all those, who rose to manifestations on the 24th of March to remind once again to the World both the terrible crimes of NATO-fascists and about courageous resistance of freedom-loving people of Yugoslavia. Our particular greetings to those, who, like the organizers and participants of the demonstration in the Italian city of Cesena, came to protest against the NATO aggression within the very aggressors.

The Revolutionary Party of Communists as well as other Communist parties came resolutely out against the NATO aggression two years ago. We demanded then, that Russia should leave the regime of sanctions against Yugoslavia, that immediate military help should be offered as well as insisted on break-away diplomatic relations with aggressor states. Then we demanded to accept Yugoslavia into the alliance between Russia and Byelorussia to defend the independence of these countries from outside attacks. In our Party Programme we demand a complete dissolution of all military political blocks and today this demand more and more becomes common for all Communist, workers` and left forces, standing for radical elimination of the social system and order, that generate wars, national conflicts and hostilities between people of different nationalities.

- Down with NATO!

- NATO troops, back out from Yugoslavia!

- Shame to the social-liberals, who became apologists of
the imperialist aggression!

- Long live to the solidarity with the working people of

- Long live to a broad alliance of the left forces of

- Long live to the new socialist Yugoslavia!

Chairman of the political Council of the RPC Central Committee
Anatoly V. Kryuchkov

23rd March 2001.