Iraqi Patriotic Alliance calls for resistance against occupation


In two statements dated April 9 and 25 the Iraqi Patriotic Opposition, which previously had sided with Iraq against the US aggression, calls upon the Iraqi people to boycott institutions built or supported by the occupants. The resistance against the occupation must be mounted by all means possible. The statement especially denounce the use of weapons of mass destruction by the US as well as the deliberate bombardment of international press offices in order to "suffocate the truth". But facts show the cynic character of the aggressors.

The wide-spread looting and destruction is being condemned as a "massacre against history" with the aim to "wipe away the achievements of Iraqi civilisation. This shows the real face of American "liberation" and "democratisation".

The victory of the enemy is "not final but only preliminary" pointing at the Lebanese resistance which required years to gain momentum and finally force the invaders out.

As a force "fighting for freedom and political plurality and against all sorts of discrimination" the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance calls for a "true national reconciliation and for the construction of a national liberation front against the US occupants. Freedom is not possible while our country is being occupied."