Down with NATO´s mafia govt in Belgrade!


Demo in The Hague, June 28, 2003

Within less than three years Djindjic and his so-called Democratic Opposition (DOS) succeeded in destroying the last remnants of Yugoslavia and transforming it into a Latin American style third world oligarchy. Djindjic was the only common point which kept together his heterogeneous clique of Habermasian civil society intellectuals, ultra-liberal mouthpieces of IMF, war profiteers, praetorians and simple gangsters, while his anti-popular regime was rapidly loosing ground:

Although the neo-liberal "shock therapy" has proved a complete failure all over Eastern Europe as well as in Argentine it was applied once again on Yugoslavia. The radical policy of open market and the privatisation of the financial and industrial sector completely destroyed the remains of the national economy. Prices soared and wages plunged precipitating the majority into misery while a small layer made enormous fortunes. While unemployment is skyrocketing the social system is being dismantled.

All the promises of the nationalist fig leaves to defend Serbian integrity against fragmentation brought about by imperialist aggression and blamed on the Milosevic government turned out to be cheap lies. Yugoslavia has eventually being dismantled splitting away Montenegro. Kosovo remains under NATO occupation being successively albanised, the Serbian Kraijna is completely ethnically cleansed and the Bosnian Serbs continue to live under the dictatorial rule of EU and NATO imposed protectorate. In South Serbia the Albanian nationalist guerrilla is carrying on their struggle for secession and subsequent unification into a Great Albania without being curbed by NATO. The plans to fragment even Serbia proper by giving further autonomy to Sandjak and Voivodina are being pressed ahead.

The Hague "tribunal" has been imposed violating the rules of the UN in order to legitimise NATO´s aggression. The anti-imperialist resistance of the Yugoslav and Serb people is to be condemned and abased. Like during medieval witch hunts whose aggressed should be forced to accuse themselves voluntarily and thus absolve the aggressor. But in his brave defence Milosevic keeps destroying the amalgam of the tribunal in which both the prosecutor and the judge are NATO puppets and the judgement is already decided.

While the Djindjic regime, in order to co-operate with its foreign masters, has been violating the constitution by extraditing Yugoslav citizen to the Hague, the people continue opposing by majority the tribunal´s attempt to criminalize their decade long resistance.

When Djindjic wanted to get rid of his powerful mafia companions who brought him to power by means of a coup d´etat and threatened to extradite them to the Hague they assassinated him.

On the brink of collapse the Djindjic clique passed to the offensive by imposing the state of emergency. Elementary democratic rights were suspended, strict censorship imposed, the opposition media outlets closed down, 10.000 people taken into custody and interrogated among them 2.000 still not released. While announcing a crackdown on the "organised crime" (which they are in fact politically representing) they are really targeting all the left remnants remaining within the state apparatus. It was not by accident that those organising the defence of Slobodan Milosevic were hit as well. Actually it is the second part of the pro-imperialist coup d´etat.

The state of emergency had to be lifted after one month. But several dictatorial measures continue to be in place. The media is completely in Western hands. There is virtually no more freedom of expression.

Hence the democracy of Western brand for which the American empire in waging wars around the world. But they will not pass. The popular resistance in continuing whether in Serbia, Iraq or Colombia.

Free Slobodan Milosevic!
Dissolve the Hague inquisition tribunal!
Restore elementary democratic rights in Serbia!
NATO out of the Balkans!

Demonstration on Vidovdan (the Serbian national day commemorating the defeat on Kosovo Polje, the assassination of Sarajevo, the extradition of Milosevic)

The Hague, June 28, 2 pm
Churchillplain 10

Anti-imperialist Camp