Solidarity with Hamas


Repeal the European Union´s black list!

Every day Israel increases its terror against the Palestinian people. The apartheid wall is being erected, Palestinian land is being occupied and built on, new Zionist settlements created, Palestinians houses destroyed, the leaders of the Palestinian resistance deliberately killed, thousands and thousands activists are vegetating in Israeli prisons. What is happening under our eyes is the extermination of the Palestinian people as a nation with the full consent of the US and their European allies.

In Palestine Zionism shows what the American empire might mean to the peoples of the world: the complete submission under the joke of a "chosen people" legitimising their terror by a "divine mission". The oppressed are simply denied their human character. Whoever dares to resist is threatened with annihilation as the Guantanamo camp displays.

Nevertheless, the Palestinian people continues its brave resistance and is not accepting its submission. By means of the Intifada it refused the Bantustans which the US and Israel tried to force upon them.

Even Arafat who accepted the Oslo agreements which were designed to prepare the Bantustans had finally to obey to the will of its people. As long as he served Israeli interests building his autocratic rule he was accepted by imperialism. Now, as he follows at least partially the will of his people Israel threatens him with deportation and the Jerusalem Post publicly called to kill him.

In the course of the 90ies Hamas evolved as the main resistance organisation against the occupation refusing the Oslo betrayal altogether. The US and its corporate media keep calling the resistance "terrorist" while international law stipulates the right to armed resistance against a foreign invader. We should not forget that the US and Israel conduct a completely asymmetric war against the Palestinian people. The most powerful army of mankind against a small people which is being denied adequate armament. In such a war David against Goliath the oppressed have the morale right to resort to all means possible to fight the inhuman enemy including martyr operations. We should remember that the Vietnamese victory over US imperialism was only possible with unlimited martyrdom. The Vietnamese people had to sacrifice about three million lives while the aggressor had to pay only with some dozen of thousands soldiers. That does not mean that each and every military operation of the Palestinian resistance is politically wise as the criteria is to win the support of the oppressed of the world for the Palestinian cause. However, our political criticism to the wide-spread hope that military action alone can defeat Zionism does in no way alter our unconditional solidarity to the Palestinian resistance including its main party Hamas.

Following the US terror war the EU has being banning all the major military resistance organisations of the Palestinians in flagrant violation of the UN charter. Some days ago it has even included Hamas as a political organisation in its "black list of terrorist organisation".

The Anti-imperialist Camp protests against this anti-democratic measure and calls for the immediate withdrawal of the black list which has no legal base whatsoever. The list has been created by EU institutions which never have been elected. Against their decision no legal measures can be taken. It is a dictatorial ban against the democratic right to resist occupation and it menaces the elementary right of free political expression in Europe.

Solidarity with Hamas and the entire Palestinian popular resistance!
Repeal the European Union´s black list!
Smash Zionism, for a democratic state in entire Palestine!