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On the slander campain against the Anti-imperialist Camp

The slander campaign against the Anti-imperialist Camp proves the relevance of the Italian solidarity movement with the Iraqi resistance

The most wide spread daily paper of Italy, Corriere della Sera, dedicated the entire page 6 of its edition of October 13 to the Anti-imperialist Camp and to the national demonstration in support of the Iraqi resistance scheduled for December 6 in Rome.

Author of the long article was Magdi Allam, famous journalist of Arab origin. Mr Allam is notorious to millions of Italian who protested the war on Iraq as he day by day appeared on the TV screens hailing the aggression. He was one of the main propagandists of the Anglo-American invasion claiming it would bring "democracy". From the room of his five star hotel in Kuwait city he not only vowed that Iraq would possess arms of mass destruction but also delivered muddled and biased deliberations about an alliance between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Having returned from Kuwait (where he posed as correspondent of war) Magdi Allam hit the headlines with his "enquiries" on the Islamic immigrants in Italy. He is responsible for an avalanche of calumnious articles paving the way for the criminalisation of citizens of Islamic faith as terrorists and supporters of Al Qiada. Everybody knows that this journalist is closely link to the ministry of the interior whom he proposed a radical solution to silence the immigrants: nationalise the Islamic communities and put the mosques under the "democratic" control of the state.

After the racist anti-Islamic witch hunt now they engage in a new one, the satanisation of the Anti-imperialist Camp and the boycott of the national demonstration for the Iraqi resistance on December 6. The amalgam launched claims an alliance between us, the Islamic fundamentalists and Anti-Semite organisations of the far right. Eventually the notorious Allam calls on the right wing government of Berlusconi for the pre-emptive persecution and repression against the Anti-imperialists. In the Guantánamo camp there would be still enough places.

Fantastic the way in which Magdi Allam constructs this theorem. He presents four scenes like in a play. First scene: the support campaign for the Iraqi resistance promoted by the Anti-imperialist Camp. Second scene: a leaflet by an extreme right wing group – unknown to us – hailing Hamas. Third scene: the mailing list Al Awda, which stands for the liberation of entire Palestine. Forth scene: the preparations for the demonstration of December 6 (which gathered already more that 700 endorsers). Following we quote the only attempt to artificially connect all those elements: "……meetings between militants of the far right and the far left took already place formally limited to ecological questions and animal rights" (!?) We are faced with the classical cynical work of falsifications based on cut and paste of information without any fundament whatsoever. For example that there would have been speakers of the far right at the Anti-imperialist Camp, e-mails that we never sent or documents that we never published. The connection of the "four scenes" are only suggested, alleged without even attempting to prove it. The result is a paranoiac amalgam without coherence pretending to be tragic but actually being a farce.

The thesis of the link between the far right and the far left (mimicry of the "theory of the opposed extremism" of Demo-Christian brand) is a fairy-tale spread by the Berlusconi government and the servants of the state in order to criminalise the movement in support of the Iraqi resistance and to stop the demonstration of December 6 (which the ruling circle correctly consider for them as the most dangerous initiative).

They do only their job. They try to smash any antagonist force by intoxicating the public opinion, freely inventing links to terrorism, to anti-semitism, to fundamentalism and finally to fascism!

It is not by accident that the article of the notorious Magdi Allam perfectly fits to the hysteric campaign launched by some sectors of the Italian left led by Fulvio Grimaldi. They pick up the same specific elements, the same amalgam, identical the system of falsification. It looks like complicity and a kind of division of labour with the objective to destroy the mobilisation in support of the Iraqi liberation struggle culminating in the demonstration of December 6. Magdi Allam invokes the truncheon of the Berlusconi government, Grimaldi tries to excommunicate us calling upon the left of His Majesty to sabotage the demonstration. Never there have been such a transversal united front.

We cannot be astonished by such infamy. Being on the side of the Iraqi resistance the enemy will not handle us with kid gloves. We have touched the blank nerves not only of the government which has sent troops to Iraq but of the entire Italian political system including the corporate left, the left of His Majesty which bombarded Belgrade violating the constitution by going to war without even asking the parliament.

Regarding the slander about the alleged alliance with fascists this is simply not true. Nobody ever was able to show any evidence, on the contrary they avoid it and only repeat the same lies. From our demonstration we will expel any standard-bearer of imperialism whether he might be fascist, liberal of social-democrat. Imperialist symbols like the US banner, the flags of Italy and the European Union and its member states will be banned. Respecting the inclusive character of the demonstrations the symbols of the oppressed people will be welcomed first of all of the Palestinian and Iraqi people.

Stop the campaign of criminalisation against the Italian anti-imperialists!
Support the Iraqi resistance against imperialism!