Bulgaria has extradited a Revolutionary to the Fascism in Turkey


by Revolutionary People´s Liberation Front - Balkan Representation

KEMAL ALEV, a revolutionary from Turkey, who was arrested in the Bulgarian city Silistre, in the night of 25 September 2003, has been extradited to the Turkish counterguerilla within three days by a secret plot, without advising his family, relatives and lawyers, without informing the public and press, ignoring the law and right.
Although Kemal Alev informed some of his friends about his arrest, the Bulgarian police didn´t accept the capture and threatened those, who tried to obtain information on the situation of Kemal Alev. They were told: "This won´t have positive consequences for you too", "Think about your asylum" and "Would you like to be extradited to Turkey".
The Bulgarian police cooperates against the revolutionaries with the fascism in Turkey. This plot against Kemal Alev has already been prepared for one year. In the past year the Bulgarian secret service has offered "spy" activities to dozens of people from Bulgaria and Turkey, who belong to the circle of friends and acquaintances of Kemal Alev, and by the support of several circles who are influenced by fascist demagogies, it has tried to create provocations. To the interrogation of Kemal Alev, who has already been arrested before, also members of the counterguerilla and the Turkish secret service were participating. The pictures that Kemal Alev gave to the Bulgarian state for the legal proceedure, were forwarded to the MIT (Turkish Secret Service). While the drug, gambler and prostitution mafia is freely moving in Bulgaria, while agents of the Turkish consulate are openly acting in the center of the capitol, any dirty and bloody business of fascist murderers like Mehmet Agar and N. Menzir is being ignored, the existence of revolutionaries makes them feel anxiously and frighten. Because todays Bulgaria is denying the history of struggle against fascism and imperialism, it tries to destroy all positive values and achievements of the people, bows to imperialism and is craving ot the imperialist institutions for acceptance. This is the reason, why revolutionaries aren´t welcome in the country. With the extradition of revollutionaries it wants to get favour of imperialism and the oligarchy in Turkey. The extradition of Kemal Alev, with which the right of information for defense has been raped, is illegal. It is an offense against the human rights. Bulgaria should look back to its history and give up the collaboration with imperialism and the counterguerilla in Turkey. It shouldn´t trust in the imperialists and in fascism, but in the friendship of its own and the oppressed people. The enemyship towards the revolutionaries cannot bring in anything for Bulgaria. It is a shame, to extradite revolutionaries to fascism. It is betrayal to their history and past.

Devrimci Halk KurtuluྠCephesi
Balkanlar Temsilcilià°i
(Revolutionary People´s Liberation Front
Balkan Representation)