"last 14 years turned me to communism, though I have been much on the right"


Blagovesta Doncheva, Bulgaria, in support of the Anti-imperialist Camp

The last 14 years in Bulgaria, Russia, Eastern Europe countries, the imperialist wars on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, the situation in Latin America - and of the ordinary people in Europe and USA plus all the information I have gathered - have turned me to communism. (And I have been very much on the right!) I have lived in the two systems and I can compare them. So it has been logical to see through my own self-delusions and become a communist. Now I am proud to say I am a communist in my heart without being a member of any party. What will Grimaldi say to that? Will he demand of you to ban me from your demo because I used to be very much on the right and believed all the Israeli propaganda? Or because I declare I am a communist without being a member of a party?

If you start banning people from demos because of their self-delusions in the past - and even in the present! - but ones who honestly support the Palestinian and Iraqi Resistance - then put some ashes on your head and throw yourself in front of Grimaldi´s boots screaming: "Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!"

What does Grimaldi matter? Nowadays qualifications as communist - fascist - antisemitist - islamist - all those -ists and -isms are of no importance. (But they are lavishly used by the other party - i.e. Grimaldi´s masters!) The division to left and right now is not only obsolete - not only laughable: it is dangerous because it works for the globalists´ manipulations - as is the case with you and Grimaldi now - confuse people and helps the effective implementation of the imperialists´ basic rule: "DIVIDE and RULE!"

What matter is if you support the USrael imperialism or not - NOW!

And again, what does it matter just what kind of -ist you have been years ago? Years ago we lived in a different world - a world in which there was some space for us, the ordinary people. That world died with the fall of the Berlin Wall which event had symbolized the advent - the blood-curdling rush of the Murderous USraeli Imperialism - and everything - and every word - lost its meaning...

What matters now and what is of importance in our tragic times is one´s integrity – one´s moral – one´s courage to stand up against the blood-dripping bulldozers of the New World Order. Never mind what Grimaldi and his likes will say - scream - write - spit. He is surely well paid to do it - IGNORE him. I don´t think he deserves a fraction of your precious time!

Look how simple it is. An event is coming - a demonstration in support of the Iraqi and Palestinian resistance. Where are you? On which side of the barricade - on which bank of the separating river?

In solidarity!
Blagovesta Doncheva
Sofia, Bulgaria
from the Balkans