No Korean troops to Iraq!


by National Democratic Front of South Korea

On October 18 the south Korean authorities decided to additionally dispatch troops to Iraq despite of the strong opposition at home and abroad. This is a challenge to the entire nation opposing the US hegemonist arrogance and aspiring after global peace and stability.

The National Democratic Front of South Korea pungently denounces the decision as a pro-US subordinate act and heinous anti-national crime to reduce young people to cannon fodders of Yankees in disregard of the dignity and interests of the nation. It is never justifiable with any excuse that the authorities have decided to dispatch troops again after sending troops in last April. The Iraqi war is an unjust burglarious war of aggression the United States provoked to overthrow the Hussein government it dislikes and dominate the Middle East region abundant in oil resources.

Now the United States is left with nowhere to turn, faced with a death-defying resistance of the Iraqi people to chastise the aggressors, and many countries of the world and even Americans demand immediate withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq.

At this time the south Korean authorities are driving young people to a pit of death in place of the United States and sinking a huge amount of taxes paid by the people in the Iraqi front in disregard of the worsening livelihood of the people. This is an anti-people and anti-national crime.

The NDFSK, together with all people, will resolutely wage a popular struggle to oppose the treacherous additional dispatch of troops to Iraq and defeat the lawmakers who support the troop dispatch in next year`s general election. The authorities should ponder over the serious consequences to be entailed by the troop dispatch and revoke the reckless and anti-national decision without delay.

October 23, Juche 92 (2003)