Bangladesh: Garment Worker killed by Police


by National Garments Workers Federation

One Garment Worker killed and more than 200 injured by Police

One garment worker named Kamal was killed and more than 200 injured including 20 bullets injured following series of clashes between Police and garment workers at BSCIC industrial park in Fatulla, Narayangoang near to Dhaka city yesterday 3rd November. Six injured including one bullets injured are NGWF member.
More than a dozen police personel including an assiatant superiendent of police (ASP)and tree sub inspectors (SI) were also injured. Several garment factories, vahicles and offices also damaged.
In the BSCIC industrial park area there was unrest situation in some factories named Pantex, Tamanna, Obonti and Crony. There were irregularities in payment in these factories. Workers demanded payment of outstanding wages, Festival bonus and other facilities. On 2nd November at night, there was a meeting on which management, labour leader and local administration participated. This meeting was continued up to 3am on 3rd november. But it failed and police arrested one labour leader Mahmubur Rahman Ismail. As a result workers became unrully. In this situation some hired people by management threatened the workers. The situation became unrest and bad. Finally police fired and after that the battle started between the workers and police in different places. One worker named Kamal was killed and more than 200 injured including 20 bullets injured. Police arrested 20 workers.
All the factories and offices till today 4th november are closed in Narayangong. Tomorrow 5th November, half day general strike will be observed in Narayangong.
Against this killing, in Dhaka city there were many demonstrations.
NGWF organized a condolence & protest rally today at 11 am. From the rally, the federation demanded: 1.compensation Tk.500,000 for the killed worker´s family. 2.Sufficient and better treatment of all injured workers. 3. Unconditional release of 20 arrested workers and 4. Fullfill the demands of the concern factories workers.