The Guilty and the Perpetrators are the USA, Israel and the AKP Government


DHKC about the attacks in Istanbul on November 15

On November 15, attacks were carried out against two Istanbul synagogues, in Beyoglu and Sisli.
Everybody is asking themselves who could have done it. And there is always the same word: "Terrorism!"... But when speaking about it one should mention who is responsible.
One should take a look at the worldwide situation.
There is a constant bloodbath going on in the world. Countries are occupied one after the other, and a people - the Palestinian people - are being systematically massacred before the eyes of the world.
In Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine, the USA, Israel and their collaborators are carrying out massacres.
From Nepal to Colombia, from Syria to Cuba, throughout the whole world the USA and its collaborators utter threats and unleash terrorism and massacres.
The answer to the question "what is terrorism?" is as follows: it is what the USA and Israel do day after day in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world.
Nothing else can be called terrorism, before mention has been made of this terrorism.
Not the sacrificial actions in Palestine, Iraq and Turkey.
And unless that has been discussed there is no sense in talking about the "form" that actions take.
To obtain a realistic and academic reply, the question has to be answered: what have the USA and Israel done to give rise to so much anger?
If the action against the synagogues was designed to demand a reckoning from the Zionists and imperialists, then the form of the action and its location were wrong.
Because it was carried out at houses of prayer against innocent people, both Jews and Muslims.
If the aim was to respond to the atrocities of the imperialists and Zionists not with a struggle but with a religious war, then such a thing can only benefit the imperialists and Zionists.
The basis of hostility is between the oppressors and the oppressed, not between different religions. So such an action as this one one cannot be approved of. But these are the yardsticks that we, revolutionaries, use.
We revolutionaries distinguish between the innocent and the guilty in our actions. We behave justly. The social justice we envisage for the future is one we practise today. So it is quite clear what actions we approve and don`t approve of, and a comprehensive explanation is not necessary.
But actions like those synagogue attacks are a reality of our time, whether or not they are approved of. Statements like "we are against any form of violence and we condemn such actions" neither comprehend these actions nor are capable of preventing them.

Whenever blood is spilled, the AKP is also involved.

It is of course no coincidence that this action took place in Turkey and not somewhere else.
The AKP government`s support for the occupation, its pro-Americanism and its alliance with Zionism are the objective reasons for this action.
This action cannot be criticised without criticising this cooperation. Those who only criticise the action but not the collaboration are basically saying: "We want to commit massacres side by side with America and Israel, and nobody should interfere."
The AKP is one of the accomplices and accessories in the blood being spilled in Palestine.
Every day, its economic, political and military alliances are strengthened.
The AKP is an accomplice in the massacre with new agreements, mutual vists and secret operations.
The oligarchy only decided not to send troops to Iraq because at the last minute the USA changed its mind.
But apart from that it has f rom the very beginning supported the USA`s occupation policy, both politically and logistically. It goes so far down this path that it is ready to massacre the Iraqi people in the name of the USA. And an effect of such a policy is that growing anger and impulsiveness takes the USA and also Turkey as a target.
This is the very first thing that can be seen in these actions.
From Israel to the USA and the oligarchy in Turkey, all the murderers are using this action to inflate "demagogy about terrorism"

For Israel, the USA and the oligarchy of Turkey, the fact that innocent people lost their lives is of no consequence.
Even if millions were to die...
Their policy of occupations and massacres is ample proof of that on a daily basis. They care little about the peoples.
That is precisely why every layer of the ruling class has taken this action as a pretext to legitimise the occupation and collaboration.
Israel, the USA and the AKP want to present these to the people as legitimate, while stepping up their terrorism demagogy even more every day.
On the one hand sections of the oligarchy talk about "hidden perpetrators" as a way of putting pressure on the AKP (translator`s note: the AKP presents itself as Islamist and so some of its rivals use this against it), on the other hand the AKP tries to legitimise itself as repres enting "moderate Islam" in contrast to radical Islam.
But all these reckonings and policies take no account of the people.
There is no discussion of what gives rise to this reaction and this anger.

Those who summon up terrorism cannot ward it off!

The discussion in the bourgeois press is limited to asking how such a thing could happen and whether there are no secret services in Turkey.
Firstly: No secret service in the world is capable of warding off the people`s anger and creativity.
That has been shown on countless occasions. As long as the USA practises terrorism against people all over the world, this anger will be expressed in one form or another and no security service is able to prevent it.
Secondly: In our country, how can the police and the MIT (National Intelligence Organisation, the security service of Turkey) prevent terrorism when they are themselves terrorists?
They practise terrorism in the schools, in the streets, in the factories, in the mountains and in the shantytowns.
They busy themselves with repressing the students who wanted to make democratic demands in Kizilay opposing YOK (translator`s note: The Higher Education Cou ncil in Turkey, which has controlled the education system ever since the 1980 military coup), with silencing the earthquake victims who use a park to demand housing for themselves, and to intimidate the families of political prisoners who try to break through the censorship about the F-Type prisons.
Outside every association`s door a few policemen stand to collect "information". That is where they do their overtime. The houses of association members are stormed. The police put them under pressure by looking for them in the schools they attend or in their workplaces. "They are terrorists, get rid of them" is then the order of the day. What wonderful information they collect in that way.
In short, the task of the police and the MIT, whose equipment is worth millions of dollars and who set hundreds of thousands of officials in motion, is to impede the struggle and the organisation of the people.
Finally; the attacks on the synagogues should be seen as an opportunity to discuss the actual situation in Turkey and in the world instead of indulging in cheap talk about terrorism.
We would like to express our condolences to the families of those who were killed in an action of whose aim and form we do not approve.
And they too should know that those who are responsible for the deaths of their relatives are the USA, Israel and the AKP government.
Our people should not heed the demagogy of the bourgeois media, bourgeois politicians, police torturers and MIT chairmen, nor pay attention to their "damning of terrorism". They should be condemned as the real murderers and terrorists.