Open letter of three leading Iraqi Communists to support the resistance


"condemn the Iraqi Communist Party and all those who have participated in war and occupation"

Dear comrades,

Warm salutes

According to most historians, the Iraqi Communist Party was founded in March 1934. They also have a common believe that the first Marxists have contributed both in national events and had contacts with international media before the official foundation of the party. Accordingly, the organization which was considered as a beginning for the foundation of the Communist Party was called "the committee for struggle against colonialism and investment". In this context, we observe the summation of aspects of struggle for national independence and the realization of socialism´s dreams and aspirations.

These aspects remained inseparable throughout the history of the party, and they should remain as such firmly unchangeable. Unfortunately, the current leaders of the Iraqi Communist Party have abandoned this historical fact and have converted the idea of antagonism to imperialism into a melting pot of common ground of interest and collaboration with the imperialist foe as it has currently happened on the Iraqi stage of events. This change of ideological direction has become apparent and translucent thirteen years ago, before the first war of aggression against Iraq starting January 17, 1991. It is clear that war was preceded by the dismantling and demise of socialism in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe as well as the vast retreat of the leftist´s power in many other countries. The leaders of the Iraqi Communist Parties justify their collaboration with the American imperialists and their coalition partners by the convergence of common interest to rid Iraq of dictatorship and the build up of democracy in that country.

The prolonged and vicious police atrocities which were directed against all progressive political decedents, the closeness of all doors of reconciliation by the dictatorship which could have resolved the internal political disputes peacefully and stopped the social bleeding have created the suitable environment to weaken the Iraqis resolve to stand against and stop the imperialist invasion of Iraq; the consequence of which has been manifested as loss of sovereignty and national independence, dissolving the army, destruction of the economy and national historical heritage……etc, and, moreover, the country´s wealth has been sold in an open international auction as it has been revealed lately.

The American leadership and its coalition partners have attained their objectives in this war through lies. They have prepared and persuaded the different Iraqi political movements to participate in this war through false promises like rescuing Iraq from a dictatorship and establishing a democratic regime. Among these political movements who have collaborated with the imperialists was the Iraqi Communist Party. The dictatorship was responsible for the fall out of the different political movements which have gambled and preferred to collaborate with the invaders especially the Americans who proclaimed themselves as liberators. However, all political parties which have participated in the invasion of Iraq are fully and directly responsible for the spread of the false American propaganda of Iraq´s liberation.

The participation of the leadership of the Iraqi Communist Party in the so called Provisional Council which were created by the occupiers was already planed before the initiation of the war and the occupation of the country. The leadership of the Communist Party are not truthful when saying that they were not pro war or proponent for the occupation of Iraq, or when claiming that they want to put an end to the occupation. The Iraqi Communist Party and the other political movements which are cooperating with the occupation have united themselves with the occupier and therefore it is worthless to try to correct them. Therefore, they will be considered by the people´s anti-occupation movements as deviated political movements which have distant itself from the national struggle arena for building a humane and democratic society.

These deviated movements claimed that they would negotiate a settlement with the occupiers and give them an unlimited period of time to end the occupation. This would mean perpetuation of the occupation. Therefore, it is only the people´s struggle by all necessary means available and under a unified national anti- occupation front will put an end for the occupation and put Iraq in the right path towards building a prosperous democratic society.

We support the demand of running a free and fair election, under the scrutiny and control of independent an internationally recognized and respected observers, to elect a legitimate authority which preserves Iraq´s independence and natural resources as well as to bring Iraq back into the Arabic and international family spheres.

We dearly appreciate your solidarity with the Iraqi people in their struggle against the war, sanction and occupation. We also thank you for your daily struggle to help the Iraqis to regain their independence and establishment of democracy. We are proud that you an we have participated in this humane endeavour.

We look forward that your party, all other progressive and socialist parties and human right organizations continue supporting the struggle of the Iraqi people and to provide the urgent human needs for the war and occupation victims. We also hope that your party would condemn the political stand of the Iraqi Communist Party and all those political parties which have participated in the planning of the war and the perpetuation of the occupation. We also ask you to obliterate all contacts with them and instead establish contacts with and listen to the voices of other Iraqi national organizations which constitute the rainbow of the Iraqi society and which are anti-occupation and struggle on a daily basis for free and progressive Iraq.

At the end I would like to point out that I am a member of the Iraqi Communist Party since 1948 and one of the leaders who contributed actively in rebuilding the party following the political oppressions in 1963, 1971 and 1978. The majority of the Communist Party members and the Iraqi leftists who participated in the struggle against dictatorship since decades and who are against the current political direction of the Iraqi Communist Party Leadership have previously read this letter.

Best wishes,

Baqer Ibrahim, member of PB

November 2003

As well as:
Karim Achmed
Dr Khalid Al-Salam
Patriotic Democratic Iraqi Communist Current

Note by the editor: All of the signatories have been members of the Iraqi Communist Party for about half a century and have had high ranking officials.