Italy: transversal coalition from right to left against the Iraqi resistance


Even an "Association of Italian Muslisms" by the grace of the minister of interior join in

The proposal for a demonstration against the US military occupation of Iraq, to be held in Rome on December 13, created quite a stir.

The deputy leader of Berlusconi`s "Forza Italia" party has been in the forefront, making press releases, denouncing the organizers to the police and posing questions in Parliament.

Other attacks on the demonstration came from the right wing press - Corriere della Sera, whose director Paolo Mieli now openly espouses the neo-con ideology; Libero and Il Giornale. But also from some sectors of the left, apparently jealous of an initiative which they cannot organize themselves, now that all the "left", from former Christian Democrats to Rifondazione Comunista are joining in a single coalition.

Probably the most violent attacks come from a uniquely Italian adventurer, Massimo "Abdul Hadi" Palazzi, a former Mormon who runs a very small "Association of Italian Muslims" (AMI) whose vice-presidents proudly boast that they both work for the Italian military intelligence. There is an interesting website (
entirely dedicated to the incredible career of this fellow.

Marco Rossi, Padova, Italy