Support the Resistance of the Iraqi People!


Solidarity address of the Workers´ Communist Party of Denmark (APK) to the Iraqi resistance demo, Rome, Dec 13

The illegal US war against Iraq has turned into an illegal occupation with the participation of a "coalition" of imperialist powers and US client states, including Denmark.

Under the pretext of "reconstruction" and "democratisation" of Iraq, the US and the other occupying powers are looting, contrary to international law, the assets of the Iraqi nation, privatising the oil and other resources and handing them over to mainly US monopolies. The A.P. Moller-Maersk Group [the biggest company in Denmark, translator´s note] is among the big profiteers.

But things have not worked out as the new colonial powers were imagining. The US was not hailed as a liberator, but considered as an occupier. The Iraqi people have initiated an extensive and armed resistance against the occupying power.

This struggle is both just and legitimate, being in accordance with international law, which acknowledges the right of the peoples to expel occupiers with arms in hand.

The Iraqi resistance is against the US, against its allies and against Iraqi collaborators such as the US-appointed and US-controlled governing council of Quislings.
It is the continuation of the historical struggle of the Iraqi people for a free and independent Iraq.

The resistance is a serious obstacle for the colonisation plans of the US. Its extent and intensity has forced the US to change tactics and revealed the real objectives of the Americans, but not just that. The resistance has also – at least for the time being – braked US plans of starting new wars, e.g. against Iran, Syria or North Korea, and is keeping US military in a situation which reminds of Vietnam.

The US strives for world hegemony and has taken the offensive for ensuring strategic control of the oil rich Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asia.

The Iraqi resistance is encouraging the popular resistance to imperialism everywhere. At the same time, it is a direct support for the struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupying power, which is working closely together with the US. It contributes to put a brake on the criminal endeavours of the Sharon government for permanent occupation and ethnic cleansing.

The US and its allies have not succeeded in stopping the international anti-war movement. It is an essential political factor weakening the imperialist war coalition.

The US "War on Terror" and the concrete wars have led to record big military budgets. The Fogh Rasmussen government [Fogh Rasmussen is the Prime Minister of Denmark, translator`s note], too, is following the road of rearmament. This road is being paid by cutting the social budgets and increasing the exploitation of the working people.

We are fighting the plans of US imperialism, plans being carried out in the name of the so-called "War on Terror". We are demanding an immediate end to the occupations of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan and an immediate withdrawal of the occupying forces.

No Danish participation in war and occupation!
Danish troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan!
Stop Fogh Rasmussen and his government of war criminals!

The Central Committee of the Workers´ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)
December 1, 2003