Iraqi quislings to rally in Stockholm in favour of occupation


Danish Committee for a Free Iraq supports Rome demo in favour of resistance

I am in the Committee for a Free Iraq, and we would like to endorse the demonstration on December 13 in Rome. I can tell you that in Stockholm on Saturday as well there will be a pro-occupation demonstration organised by the ICP, the KDP, the PUK, the SCIRI and the Dawa Party among others, that is the whole Quisling swamp being in the puppet council. It is extremely disgusting, and I got even surprised by the incredible infamity of the five slogans. They are: No to terrorism! Yes to democracy!, Terrorists, remove your dirty hands from the Iraqi people!, Saddam Hussein and his terrorist regime is a weapon of mass destruction!, Solidarity with the Iraqi people in its struggle for a democratic, federal and pluralistic Iraq!, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and the Arab mercenary media are the enemies of the Iraqi people! Here is the link to the official call in Arabic.

On behalf of the our committee, I have written a statement strongly denouncing the Stockholm demo, calling for the world`s anti-war movement to condemn it, future pro-occupation initiatives, and the Quisling organisations organising it, to support the Rome demo and to strengthen its support for the Iraqi resistance, among other things. I have sent it to all leftist, ant-war, Communist groups in the Nordic countries, and I have posted it on Indymedia Norway and Sweden as well as in Denmark.

Jesper Pedersen

The Danish Committee for a Free Iraq