Solidarity address to Iraqi resistance demo in Rome Dec 13


National Democratic Front of South Korea

To the Anti-imperialist Camp in Europe

The Central Committee of the National Democratic Front of South Korea extends militant greetings to the patriotic Iraqi people who have turned out in a valiant national liberation struggle to drive out the US occupiers as well as to the world progressive mankind rendering positive support to their resistance. The US aggressive attack on Iraq is a tyrannical robbery committed against a sovereign state for the US world supremacy and the interests of the US oil monopolies, irrespective of the international law and the demand of mankind. Through the aggression on Iraq, it is fully revealed that the ringleader of terrorism havocking the world peace and threatening the safety of mankind is none other than the US itself.

Driven to a corner by the daily increasing anti-US resistance of the Iraqi people, the US is compelling even its satellites as south Korea to dispatch more troops to Iraq. In submission to the pressure of their master, the south Korean pro-US sycophants including the authorities and the "Grand National Party" decided recently to dispatch additional troops to Iraq. This is a treachery act going against the will of the majority of the south Korean people who have opposed the Iraqi war of the US itself from the outset. The recent attack on south Koreans in Iraq is a clear expression of the Iraqi people`s resolute protest against the south Korean pro-US forces` decision on additional troop dispatch to Iraq. The US imperialism is the enemy of the Iraqi people and Muslims, and at the same time, it is the sworn enemy of the south Korean people. It is the chief criminal mainly guilty of our nation`s division as well as the aggressor, murderer and plunderer who has occupied south Korea to commit all sorts of carnages and crimes. The NDFSK and the patriotic south Korean people will never tolerate the US pressure to bring our beloved sons into Iraq as canon fodders of the imperialist war of aggression and will frustrate to the last the pro-US traitors` move for additional troop dispatch to Iraq.

The NDFSK highly appreciates the anti-war, peace-loving forces of the world including the Anti-imperialist Camp in Europe who extend warm support to the south Korean people`s struggle against the additional troop dispatch to Iraq. The NDFSK fully supports the anti-US armed resistance of the Iraqi people as well as the proposal of the Anti-imperialist Camp in Europe for conducting a worldwide and unified anti-US, anti-war movement.

We, the south Korean people, will wage a more dynamic anti-US struggle to drive out Yankees from south Korea and reunify the country without fail.

US troops out of south Korea!
US troops out of Iraq!
We denounce the US and its satellites` policy of Iraqi occupation!
Iraq is for Iraqi people!
Anti-US, anti-war and peace-loving peoples of the world, unite!

Central Committee
National Democratic Front of South Korea
December 9, 2003, Seoul