"Do not go to the mahogany table with the occupiers"


Sierra Leone People´s Democratic League´s Solidarity Message to the Iraqi Resistance Demo in Rome

The National Executive Committee,
Sierra Leone People´s Democratic League (P.D.L.)

To the Anti Imperialist Camp

Solidarity Message to the Iraqi Resistance Demonstration in Rome, Italy
12th December, 2003

The Sierra Leone People´s Democratic League (PDL), an affiliate of the Green Charter International (GCI), for peace, human rights, freedoms and good governance salute the patriotic and freedom-loving Iraqi people in their just, moral campaign against the ongoing US led aggression, occupation and genocidal activities in their God-given home, Iraq.

Much as we are concerned, the US led imperialist war against the Iraqi people is unmandated and unwanted to say the least, and its even constitute a dangerous threat to world peace and security. It is also an attack on democracy, human rights, freedoms, international moral laws, Conventions and Protocols, as well as the rule of law. This world gansterism spearheaded by US imperialism must be resisted by all sane, good and freedom-loving nations and peoples of the world.

By all standards and norms of behaviours, the United Nations decision to abandon the Iraqi people at the mercy of US/UK world gansterism has further exposed the August Body´s hypocrisy and double-standards. It has strengthened our position that, the UN is an instrument of US imperialism, and that democratic reforms are needed urgently to rescue it (UN) from further destruction by the US and its allies. We cannot understand why the United Nations which was created to ensure world peace and stability becomes today neutral between US/UK world gangsterism and peaceful coexistence of humankind.

As the campaign for the liberation of all Iraqi territories and wealth fields against US/UK led aggression, occupation and terrorism accelerates, we, of the PDL join forces with all progressive forces in the world to extend solidarity and support to the patriotic, peace and freedom-loving Iraqi people, who have nailed themselves firmly under the umbrella of Iraqi dignity and integrity, and who are determined to liberate their country out of the ongoing aggression, occupation and terrorism of US/UK imperialism. We condemn in no uncertain terms the George Bush/Tony Blair unholy alliance, mischief making, persistence vilifications and libellous propaganda against the Iraqi people as the height of international terrorism.

In Africa, the second liberation of the continent had just begun with Zimbabwe taking the lead to liberate itself from all clutches of colonialism, neo-colonialism and imperialism, and never to return to the era of foreign domination of Zimbabwean lands and wealth fields. We salute the leadership quality exhibited by the ruling ZANU-PF to withdraw Zimbabwe´s membership in the well-wrapped racist colonial club called Commonwealth. To all intents and purpose, the action of ZANU-PF represents the wish and aspirations of the African masses everywhere, and it is also a step towards the total and final liberation of the continent politically, economically and culturally.

As a show of approval to ZANU-PF position on the Commonwealth, most Africans on the continent whose lands and wealth fields still under the stranglehold of foreign criminal adventurers have began to demand for their governments to take a queue to Zimbabwe. While the suffering African masses in Djibouti, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana already have questioned the presence of imperialist forces on their lands and wealth fields. It is in this content that the malice, grudges and hatred owed towards Africans in Zimbabwe, by Western imperialism and its puppets on the continent can be seen.

The acceleration of the Iraqi resistance regime reinforced the Iraqi people´s uncompromising position not to surrender their dignity to Western imperialism. It is also a clear manifestation of the Iraqi people´s stance not to go to the mahogany table with international terrorist forces and unholy alliances occupying their only God-given lands and wealth field on this earth, unless they are withdrawn immediately from all parts of Iraq they currently occupied with no condition attached.

The central aims of US led imperialist war in Iraq is to assure Israel´s supremacy in the region, first; second, to expand the selfish criminal interests of US oil monopolies, and thirdly, to subdue Arabs and Muslims under its whims and caprices.

The PDL highly appreciates the anti-war, peace-loving forces of the world and the Anti-Imperialist Camp in Europe who stand by Africa in this turbulence globalisation era. The PDL fully supports the Iraqi resistance against US/UK world gangsterism in their country, as well as the proposal by the Anti-Imperialist Camp in Europe to conduct a worldwide and unified anti-US, anti-war Movement.

To the few Arabs still basking in self delusion, we urge them to learn from the Vietnam fiasco. There is nothing precious in every human life than to be free and independent. On this score, there can be no compromise, no sell-outs, no millions or charity.

Down with imperialism!
Victory is certain for the Iraqi people!